Talking Points – Long Way to Mordor


During our advanced ForeSight 2020 conference, a few excellent experts both in international finance and media asked me sensitive questions of great import – on issues I found of perennial relevance – and which I sum up here as my “talking points” – in no particular order. They reflect what aware Westerners are preoccupied by: The next 11 months are about the “ART of BEiNG CAREFUL“.


1. Seeing our World Future!

Some of us — think DUNE — could deploy the ability to see the paths into the future, and we could also see the past. Certain psychic influences, however, create a fog that obscure events and even time lines. Because we are (in) an “Electrical Universe” and in a Cosmos that depends on frequencies, we also pick up other non essential frequencies that have nothing to do with where we are now. Basically we are not always seeing our own Universe / Dimension – we pick up things that have nothing to do with us. See web bots based on Electric Circus.

Everything around us is electric. It is a “field” in which we can develop mental powers (that can lead to some sort of prescience) and to increase them, allowing this kind of foresight we can acquire – with Saturn in Sagittarius until 2017 – to see future potential avenues of possible – probable – events. You don’t have to become all knowing – but you can make an effort to study a few things during this unusual phasing of the years of 2015 / 2017. I just mean to say that you don’t need to be stuck in fear! Just work the field, buddy!

The time ahead now are in essence “futuristic, fantastical, and fervent.” Anything goes!

2. What about “Prophecies”… ?


Prophecies are easy to deal with / explain. If anyone has read the DUNE Series by Frank Herbert to which we allude to in LIGHT-SEEDS, the key character Paul Atreides achieves full visions of past and future. In this fictional account he can see the flow of events from past to future. The daily psychic activities of people on the Planet (Dune) create a haze or psychic pollution that makes it difficult for Paul to see the true path.

Our future is not set in stone … it is always changing / as we change, and events can serve as guides. The future is like a large river always moving with its own currents, and so to focus on ONE CURRENT is misleading and makes us almost powerless.

There are no fixed currents; and add to this that we share our “psychic space” with many other dimensions. Therefore we can sometimes see the reflections of the other dimensions… and because they are similar to our World – we think that this is to be “our” the future – but it may not be OUR FUTURE, but someone’s else’s.

It gets complex – and no point to go into all the details related to Time Travel in other worlds, other dimensions and our human origins etc. But basically, prophecies are not the way to go. All you need to grasp is that you can use your own mind to see clear – by emptying it.

3. “Blood Moon” ?

Astrology is crystal clear into 2020.
I summed it up in my elaborate double Gemini Summer Solstice 2015 essays.

9 min. summation into 2025 / Saturn Neptune Aries one

Intelligent & super fast mind activity downloads facts on some of us –
See our GAME OVER approach.
Call it the + DEEP GAME + analysis approach.

We are in a longer lasting Saturn test / acknowledgment – research & action phase.
The next two years are not easy going at all. They require of us a high level of intel.
Into 2016 we need to develop new & highly advanced seer skills to perceive reality.

Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune form a very dynamic / mutable T Square, and it speaks to us of austerity – belt tightening – or potential delays, self discipline, due diligence etc. It also tell us something about Teachings. Imagination, the fact that teaching ourselves and others is the art of “I=Magi=Nation” — which I explained in my life time work LIGHT-SEEDS by Michael St.Clair in greater depth. It pays to study it.

The astrological phase of “unwelcome testing” – into 2020 – lasts from early AUG 2015 to end MAY 2016 at the very least now. So you can make of the next coming eleven many months what you WiLL! Anyone knowledgeable can use some level of timeless intelligent astrology, to show how cycles follow cycles and so far we are all still here and fine. Blood Moon ?? Y2K ?? 2012 ??

We humans have a constant crisis = ongoing dysfunction surrounds us all.
It is “normal” for us to be constantly worried about something or another.

Humans do not need Blood Moons to create a cycle of crisis inside,
most humans are their very own “Blood Moon” – every day of the year.
Plus most folks misunderstand and misinterpret all these prophecies.
Plus the prophecies themselves were written & edited to misguide us.

Let me give you an example.

You have a personal situation or issue.
YOU ask the “I-CHiNG” oracle for an answer. Today it will tell you “XYZ”.
Fine. Simmer it over, and then a month later, after adjusting to it all…
YOU ask it again, different, and then you get “QPV/UDL”. It does change.

The I-Ching
The I-Ching

The I-Ching is a tool of navigation & transformation – an intelligent Guide I use.
Often… and quietly. . . I use this tool to see situations around me to see ahead.
I would add that studying the “I-Ching” is excellent so as de-condition one’s mind.

So, the “I-Ching” shows us that we can teach ourselves NEW FUTURE avenues,
while understanding painstakingly what is actually going on around us all.

Historically / sociologically / politically / economically also and internationally,
All of mankind lives in a self-created on going disaster of multiple kinds – right!
It never stops with us. It is one crisis after the next. It is a state of affairs.

Humans love to point outside to Nature and blame the elements at large.
The Moon & Th Sun is an omen and drives humans crazy! Humans don’t need the Moon…
.. to drive them crazy .. they are self-destructive no matter what is around them
No matter what… most folks will have something to point to, except themselves…

No one talks about the positive influence of this beautiful Earth Planet.
Go to the sea for one day without electronics, and just sit there for a day!

The talk is always about Tsunamis, Earthquakes – Sun Flares and Full Moons…
Why is the beauty HERE not influencing us….. if it comes from outside?
Why can we not sit still by the sea or in a mountain. And stop THOUGHT!?


The reason that certain negative events are planned for certain alignments,
is related to Geomancy and the manipulation of certain natural frequencies –
or energies around the Earth so as to create fear and hopelessness…

This is a form of severe mind control. Typically non-human by design.
All you need do is be very AWARE of this and then you change instantly.
You are aware that the Silicon Valley machines you use are dangerous.

Because there are days when energies are not so good – or maybe better,
and those energies can have a knock down effect on all of us people here.
Yes . . . and also on the shared human consciousness / awareness. Key point.

[ Why do we focus on external predictions? ]


Why don’t we focus on ourselves?

Why don’t we fix ourselves – our own intentions – our own state of minds?
OK – and then it does not matter what happens outside: We remain stable… !

What this is about is to empty one’s mind completely, and be CLEAR seeing –
so as create new lines of thoughts, a la BRUCE LEE (Krishnamurti student)


4. Europe & Germany, Russia, THE WORLD > ?

This subject I am maybe the sole alive expert of.
All this has to do with visible & hidden History:

“Germany does not really exist as a ‘country’ or nation.
It never did exist to begin with. Go back hundreds of years.
There were the Prussians. The Kingdom of Bavaria, and more…

Hessen (a German state) is a benevolent center point of Europe –
and which some experts call the Pineal Gland of all of Europe.
Tzar Nicholas II had a small Chapel built for his wife from there.

Few know this. I know it pisses off my German friends when I share it.
But Putin’s advisor Sergey Glaziev shared this with all of us who know:
Every German Chancellor must swear Allegiance to the USA when sworn in!

Same in Spain. Catalonia has NO business to be a colony of Madrid.
Madrid stole the gold of the Incas. These are long Karmic Vectors.

I said something about the fact that there is no birth chart for Germany.
Except if you wish to use re-unification of Germany which was artificial.
Funny thing is it was my friend Ambassador Vernon Walters who did that 😉
Good thing I got to meet the main players before they left this building!

Fact: The Germans have been used against Russia in two World Wars.
This was after Napoleon was also used against Russia and failed.
So not only was Germany used, but France also. UK also. 200 years.
Attempt after attempt to liquidate Russia. Simple to understand.

The question is who is behind all of this aggression? Tel Aviv? London? Shammat?
What’s Shammant: OK yes – it has been going on for the last few millions of years ..

Similar to Doris Lessing’s Shikasta where Earth was a Colony of different ET races,
and each area of the Earth had a different “Administrative Colony” (structure)
Germany is some kind of “Administrative Colony” – yes and, but who controls it?!

See a quick read on what is Shikasta / by Lessing

China is still an independent nation – and Russia is still an independent country,
as is Iran for sure; and India to some degree etc – There are sovereign nations.
Those SOVEREiGN folks will align into some “networked alliance” / a term used by Lavrov.

Many – (about 100) – half of the world – will align with what I call a “Planetary Federation”.

Whoever is behind this “Administrative Colony” operation – (non-human by design) –
well.. they want to turn Russia, India & China & Iran into that type of Colony status
– a dependent vassal state or “area of admin” / one with no soul and no human values.

That’s their game plan, but it will never happen. It is not HUMAN by DESiGN.
Many billions of folks are instinctively & genetically aware of a robotic race.

I would have to explain historically and astrologically why Germany, France etc.
are simply sterile Administrative Colony areas controlled by International Banks.
THAT model is now being exported to all other European countries /
disguised as the EU (European Union). That is all there is to it. Point blank.

This game has been going on since the beginning of TIME. Example.. the Roman Empire,
where later the name change came in to the “Catholic” (Roman Empire) same business..
Yes, and now, the same cartels are re-arranging that deck chair model as “EU” (Empire).”

The reason the whole show is falling apart is: Sovereignty (or lack of it)
Putin explained this in his October 2014 Valdai Club Talks – which we asked you to see here.

See it again. 3 hours Valdai Talks 2014 with master Putin.

For example, all the 29 countries in the “European Union” (EU)
They have formed what I term a [ “political marriage” ] – but with NO DIVORCE rules!! No one can get a divorce >_< ok. That's the rule. A rule with no side rules. Stupid evil lawyers. Imagine two people who marry and are forbidden to separate or divorce. What kind of a relationship is that? There is absolutely no freedom! It is based on the United States and no one can get a divorce there either! Except TEXAS state which pulled in a Billion worth of Gold, might go for it. The American model was exported to Europe where it is essentially unworkable - and for a number of reasons: Culture - languages - history - destiny, etc. What single language are all EU countries speaking, English, Dutch, German? You are NEVER going to get the Southern European countries to agree (including France) to speak German or English .. it is just not going to happen! The only alternative is to have an open agreement = federation of sovereign states. Basically, the alternative I propose is a European Federation of Sovereign States.

I second the French General / President Charles De Gaulle & Zen master V.V. Putin.
The few smarter ones propose a simple goal. ONE economic space of freedom and sanity –


This will eventually happen. It may take until 2026 / 2045 / but it will happen.

The powers of bankers that control finance and the banks don’t want that new model.
The soul-less & cashless “Administrative Colony” they want to create is doomed.
It is basically & totally unworkable in Europe. It is unworkable any place in fact.
Even flamboyant German Chancellor (1997-2005) Gerd Schroeder (Putin buddy) knew / said it.
He called the Euro currency dead on arrival / still-born, before it even got started.”

Raymond Merriman & St.Clair in a 21 min. talk about economy future context.


Question: When will it all crash? Time, date please?

Everyone says: The crash – the crash, the collapse – the collapse. “Peter & The Wolf.”
(OK / I understand the question. However / Has it not been crashing since well 9-11 ?)

Read this master in short words here – Egon von Greyerz – World Economy Outlook

The fact is that it has already crashed! The system is broken. We are living in the crash.
Every One in this Western World is now basically in survival mode. Whether they know or not.

Europeans live inside the broken system similar to the end of the Roman Empire.
Americans live under the rule of a foreign power that takes dictates from
. X . Y . Z .

Fill in the blanks. . . . . X Y Z . . . .

London? Washington? Silly-Con Valley? Utah? Tel Aviv? The Turban Heads in R . . ?

It is clear to you that the “ISIS op” is a “See Eye Aye” / global cartel construct.
All of this conflict is a silent operation geared to backfire against its engineers.
This is something that the Russian Intelligence folks (experts) look at carefully.

But. Who cares. The question is – W H Y – do you take dictates at all from anyone?
Not who you take the dictates from !!!!!!!!! They are all the same ALiENS !!!!!!!

“Rome was not built in one day” — and it did not fall in 1 day! Not in 1 Day !!!
They were able to hold things together for at least 300 years… One Pluto cycle.

– At the very end of the whole failed European Administrative Colony experiment.
Because it is administrative (sterile) they have ways to manipulate the markets,
the whole financial structures while all around things get worse for people.

Western Central Planners ARE Terrified of this “Greek Domino Effect”


This is why all these countries are bankrupt as well as Japan, the U.S. and many other nations. At least Greece has admitted it’s bankrupt. But the Eurocrats and IMF will not accept the Greek bankruptcy for face-saving reasons. They are also terrified that the domino effect of a Greek default will make not only the EU house of cards collapse, but also the entire global financial system. And collapse it will / in fact… it is in process of collapsing like a controlled demolition of a twin tower.

The farce is continuing to play out, but the Greeks are no longer accepting the conditions of the Eurocrats / IMF + “Administrative Colony” management. The Greek debt committee just declared that the Greek debt of 320 billion euros is a direct infringement of the fundamental rights of the Greek people. Therefore the debt is illegal, illegitimate and odious.

Then you may ask (as very many ask me often):

When is the curtain going to fall and reveal the broken reality? WHEN? Well ?
The curtain probably won’t fall in one day like in some BIG DISCLOSURE type event.
But it is breaking apart now like a jigsaw puzzle – area by area – piece by piece.

The question no one really focuses on is this:

Who CAN save mankind? The entire human race has good people with exceptional expertise, political analysts, medical doctors with secret knowing… advanced scientists, technological leaders in energy applications, and more, who could intelligently control and organize the controlled & careful “Art of Demolition” of this archaic useless structure / broken system.


Maybe in 2020-21 Saturn Pluto – is the time to do it. Maybe in 2017 already ?
Maybe 2026 Saturn Neptune. Who knows. Maybe in 2045. Uranus OPPOSiTE Pluto.

Jiddu Krishnamurti used to say during his Talks: You cannot save this – it all has to go!
You cannot build something NEW on top of the OLD. The old has to go FiRST and completely.

This most well soft spoken man I have ever met… EGON von GREYERZ, the master of the intentional and inter national GOLD said it. BURN DOWN the forest first; and THEN start the new shoots. He also said: You can’t buy fire insurance AFTER the fire. Simple tenets to grasp. One thing after the other — while PLUTO moves from CAP to AQ. 2025.

There are very many excellent advance experts in China and in Russia and all over the World – (whom we know) and who know how to intelligently deconstruct this totally broken system we are living in. You ask about the EU. OK, it is like living in a house with no roof – but no one wants to knock the rest of the house down and start again! = A Fat Joke.

The reason I say it is a soul-less and insane “Administrative Colony” —
is because people are suffering allover the place really. Look at Europe a bit.
In Germany, UK, in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey -France etc. No one cares.

Truth new hate speech Orwell

The fact is that our human beings are not born to serve the ET system really – OK.
The insane system is there to serve humans! Someone must turn all that stuff around.

Right now in Europe & USA, the situation is like Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey,
— where HAL (the computer) is switching off the life support system of the humans —
and someone has to get in there and switch off HAL – or we are all doomed. So do it!!

So my guess is that the human condition [ET by design] which is ingenious will figure out how to switch off HAL.

You have an “Administrative System Colony” (global like HAL) –
– switching off the life support to most living humans –
which includes water / land / food / shelter / resources / savings / . . .

Not only that — they taint your foods water and all of it. Vaccines. Genetic Manip.

What will YOU do about this? “Radiant Zones” > ? < Independent (off-grid) & self-sustained communities! Maybe? The "ART of BEiNG CAREFUL" / St.Clair's Zen mastery

One of my best friends summed it up well at our meeting here..

“It will be a long way to Mordor”

You bet!

This is a “special FOCUS essay” by St.Clair on things of great import!

See the time line in grand scope: BiG * 2020 / 2050 *PiCTURE- by St.Clair

– Michael St.Clair