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St.Clair 2045 Astro
St.Clair 2045 Astro

At times I am asked to explain my work.
What it is I do, with whom, and how I achieve results…

My work with my clients

In my practice I did many unusual things with my clients over the past 20 years. Most people started out by asking me for an astrological consultation. This is where our work begins. Mathematics & psychology. While doing this type of energy work, I often see more things than only the obvious star alignments.

Things just come to me. I don’t really ask for them to be given to me. Often I see more than I want to know. How do I communicate this unasked for to my clients? An interesting dilemma for a consultant. My best clients say: “Don’t hold anything back, tell me more, whatever you see, good or bad.” Here I show you some examples:

* A powerful lawyer once asked me to do certain rune and card readings for him and his associates, all senior security folks. He wanted to know who was cheating his client, or if the Judge would rule in his favor etc. So together, we would be able to design a useful strategy for him and his clients. His decisions would affect very many,

* An investment banker with millions at stake asks me to look into special situations for him. Should he buy a particular company? When is the best time to launch an initial public offering? When would be a good time to sell his position in a venture he founded? Is this or that person a better partner or not? These are the kinds of things I am asked to advise on.

* A diplomat sees me in person face to face, simply because he knows nothing can be written down. He tells me of certain situations and asks me what I think (see) of it and what should be done – and this is also why I know many things I cannot speak nor write about.

* A former FBI special agent asks me about an event he was researching and wants to know what I see happening in the back ground in context, or why the trend is perhaps different than what he is told. A former CIA agent describes a situation to me and asked me what I think of the whole thing.

* A person comes to me and explains how he or she has reached the end of the road. Does not know how to move life further anymore. What should they do now? So I start doing “imagination” exercises with them, to show them that a new beginning is at hand. Things like that. There are no limits to what advanced clients and I can achieve together.

Together is the key word. We work together.

The I-Ching
The I-Ching

Finding the Truth

The work we do sounds complex but is not at all difficult to grasp. We are seers. If you imagine you go meet Gandalf or some top seer, you will understand that the seer has no opinion. He simply tells you reality, knowing that past present and future are all connected.

I use the I-Ching some times in combination with astrology. I studied the I-Ching for 20 years now and the study goes on. It can be very helpful when combined with star mathematics to see the hidden elements behind a question, or simply to understand the unseen better. These types of readings are ultra complex and many layered in nature.

What we do mainly, my seer colleague and I together, is we read the energy lines of a situation, event, trend, and offer a client insight into what is really going on behind the actual assumed notion, so as to give a more profound answer than the question itself warrants. Often times events are time zones in motion. Our assessments are thus deeper than what meets the eye.

In our age of dubious information, people often ask me to give an opinion or view about whether a piece of “news” or any kind of information (say some business data) is accurate or not, or if a certain person is a truthful source or a plant or disinformation agent. This is interesting work and has made me an expert in this field over the last decade.

With astrology mathematics and with certain seer skills, coupled to intense research with sources, involving others in addition to myself, I am able at times to ascertain a higher level of clarity on an issue. However, this is very time consuming since I have to study reams of texts and look for context. It is almost investigative work of its own kind. In other words this is the type of issue I am retained to do at a higher feel level.

Some of my practice is delicate and difficult to explain due to the nature of questions asked of me. Advanced clients have understood that nowadays we have to question almost everything we read or hear. Given we have Neptune in Pisces until 2025, we are in for a decade of “fog” in terms of information veracity. This to say my work is very varied.

Generally I can say that the quality of my answers depends mainly on the quality of questions put to me. At times i simply tell my clients that it is irrelevant to know this or that or the other in greater detail, and that it is more important to learn how to see clearly and stay in a balanced center.

Clients need to know if it advisable to go live and do business in one country or another. I can understand why I am then asked to go find out which solution is best, which brings me in contact with many stupendous experts.


Seeing what others cannot see

A friend told me during a consulting meeting in front of others in March 2014:
“You see more than anyone else does. That is why I like working with you.”

When you have this seer ability, I learned a while back you have to be very careful how you apply it, and for what motives. Often times it would be best if I told a client that it is better not to know.

In mid 1999, a publisher in Florida asked of me to predict who would win the election in 2000. She was going to use this later to help launch my first book. She got more than she asked for.

After a careful mathematical analysis of both the event time line and of the two contenders birth charts, I concluded and told this publisher that I did not see a winner, that there would be a ballot recount, and it would be equal. This seemed to make no sense, not to me nor to anyone who read my words which were notarized for safety in December 1999 in a small seminar brochure.

Eventually I used a bizarre technique, still in 1999 before the famous Y2K moment of which I said it would be nonsense. I pretended to see the head line news of who is sworn in and be the sitting President in 2001. In other words I went into a sort of remote viewing time distortion mode. It was to be Bush and so it was.

I also used a set of 101 divination cards I had designed by myself, known as the “Atlantis Oracle” — and sure enough it told me this would have very unpleasant ramifications for the whole world.

Atlantis Oracle is available here: The divination book for insiders

Here is the odd thing, which I discussed with an astronaut later since no one else could hint to a scientific answer. I lived in the very place where the ballot recount took place. During the recount I met everyone involved in it in person. The question was therefore if I was maybe plugged into the energy field of the event place before it was written to take place?

To this day we have no answer to this conundrum. The fact that I correctly foresaw every detail of this surreal event brought me in touch with many “interesting” people, from media folks who were scared of me, to secret service folks who were very interested in me, all of whom wanted to know if someone had clued me in on what would happen. Some of the agents became friends of mine and even protected me.

The truth was no one had told me anything. Except for some local law maker who was my client and who had told me back in 1996 that the game was to make Bush the new President. Game plan is one thing, reality is another. I sort of shrugged it off. Yet, I saw the event clearly ahead even though I myself did not understand it, and I knew it would mean trouble. But I did not tell anyone about the consequences I foresaw. Something told me to be quiet.

The whole thing created its own mystery. In 2003 a good friend told me it would be wise to return to Europe. There are those who dislike when someone gifted can read their fake deck of cards ahead of time. Often times it is best to say: “I don’t know.”

In August 2001, a client was asking me about her life direction and career in New York City. I told her that there would be no more career there for her, and that there was a problem also ahead with grounded delayed flight traffic, and I advised her not to go back to NYC.

I don’t know why I told her this, and she also thought this was ultra bizarre advice. Few days later on “Nine one one” the building in which her main client was located came crashing down. No more client for her to work with, career ended.

The question remained: Did her energy of handling her Tarot cards which she had brought from NYC to me in Florida have embedded in them the event line written into them? It spooked even me.

One evening I spent having dinner with an astronaut and showed him his birth chart which he was very familiar with. I explained to him that there would be a time of greater media exposure ahead for him, bigger even than when he was the most famous man on the moon in 1971, this based on information that would be seen only later. He is the astronaut who later informed the world that indeed the visitors are here.

It is correct that I have advised several former security people in the USA and in the EU, which is also why I know things, and I assume (and know) that my work is being read also by Russian services, as well as by other intel services. It is the kind of work I do. I find that interesting, and it helped me write my book Light-Seeds. Above are just a few examples I still recall vividly.

Go game
Go game

My exclusive private meetings

Often, (already before and certainly after that ballot recount story), I was asked to make an astrological presentation of things to come in front of groups. I did this in the year 2000 when Jupiter and Saturn aligned in Taurus at a non denominational “Unity Church” with hundreds of people present, and I did it also with radio show folks, in smaller settings of 20-50 participants.

These are interesting interactions for me because it is when I learn what people want to know.

However, I did not like the circus feel of this type of activity. St.Clair Astrology is not some show time, it is serious work for the serious seeker of truth. After 2004, I found it is best to do this work only with very small groups so each would be able to interact intelligently with me.

As of 2009 we did more such elaborate meetings maybe with up to ten people, once or twice a year, where I gave more profound assessments of what I feel needs to be known. We are interested in showing clients what action to take, we are not really interested in predicting the future any longer. We already know that part.

Since 2013, we do these meetings together with other professionals where we go into the energy work needed to affront the next decade. On request, we can have another seer and healer present as well, and we have also an expert on Feng Shui, nutrition, organic farming, and health related matters, who can also give some important reality based advice.

We give outlooks in private, for up to five persons, maybe up to ten, and answer to all sorts of very detailed questions, usually asked of me ahead of the meeting so we can do the research and share the findings face to face – where we give economy trend forecasts, explain what kind of information some sources told me, and generally we give very specific advice as to what is right action now and for the time when Saturn and Jupiter will meet again, this time in Capricorn, in 2020.

This will be by then the ending of the two long decades of intense applied astrology and global consulting work in motion. From one Saturn Jupiter cycle to another. These small group meetings of up to four days are also excellent for private networking, and for making new like-minded friends. Contact me if you like to set a convenient date.

You will understand that our meetings and my client works are confidential.
We can show you a few quotes by folks who have worked with me in the past;

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And meet our ground crew

There is a saying repeatedly uttered by Historian professor Andrey Fursov in Russia:
“Real power is secret power” … Yes… and I say that true power remains masked.

This would be Pluto in Capricorn for one more decade until 2024……..