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2020 – A New Era Dawns, with Chris Flisher

“We are building to a great new epoch and the trials we are currently
enduring are the signals of what is to come. Rather than run out of
fear we must sink into this energy and guide it with good intention.
Once we arrive it will be quite different than what we might imagine.
Join me as I speak with Michael St.Clair, a renowned astrologer and
visionary seer whose views are profound and insightful.”

Episode link: 2020 – A New Era Dawns; Chris Flisher & St.Clair

Please note:
The show aired on GOOD FRIDAY, April 18th, 2014 – 10:00 AM CDT.

St.Clair Astro 1.21.2021
St.Clair Astro 1.21.2021
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