New Society on 2015 Horizon

Choice of Focus = A Global & Personal Conundrum?

This Summer 2014 is astrologically loaded with the most beneficial meeting of Venus & Jupiter in Leo, and with the more probing, menacing and relentless Mars & Saturn tandem passage in Scorpio. This makes Summer 2014 a tough and tenacious time with however great moments of brilliance and breakthroughs. Jupiter in Leo until August 2015 affords us with a rare cycle of grandiose creativity and playfulness. It can tend to exaggerate and it can help to think big. This must be used to wise advantage.

This then also reverberates all into Autumn 2014 still. The first half of 2015 is one of the best phases ahead in a very long time. One has to decide where to focus the mind in these times to achieve pleasant results. News around the world shows how we are engaging into very uncertain times. The world is at war of course, with itself, from currency wars to trade wars to worse. Outlook for the Western world not so great for 2015, and worse for 2020.

The sanction war games initiated by a weak and utterly clueless Western world misguided by their Atlanticist hegemony strategists is backfiring in ways not foreseen, let alone thought through. Europe is now in the corner which the Anglo-Americans wanted to paint it. Russia observes in amazement while attempting to bring 300 trucks with humanitarian help into the Eastern Ukraine. The scenario is Dantesque at this point.

However, we also receive fantastic news of major breakthroughs which we predicted in Light-Seeds. A new economy is emerging. A new internet is on the drawing board. All these subjects dwarf any negative developments we perceive. We must stay the course, and stay with it to break through to a new mankind.

A new science — based on the 1914 findings by Tesla — is in the offing. New Tesla based energies are studied, taught, and developed in Germany and elsewhere. Check out Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl who is the new German Tesla, and he teaches at three German engineering universities. Also check out William Lyne and his Tesla discoveries.

A new decentralized internet is in the start up phase, see – a Scottish / Celtic Spirit based new venture, which is also based on its own crypto currency, SafeCoin. They apply Braveheart to the Internet world. Crypto currencies will eventually put central banks of Western style making and this current business model out of business. We see here a new decentralized economy at work, globally. We see we can live in multiple realities at the same time.

Watch these MaidSafe videos (Credit to Max Keiser of RT for this find)

* Summing up; We have three fine vectors emerging clearly now: new energy, new economy, new internet. This is all very encouraging and deserves our focus, and our cooperation. Plus on the high Summer note, the Germans won the soccer cup, as I predicted in my subscribers-only based radiant zones network, feel free to join me there as a life time subscriber.

Assessment summary as 2014 is about to become 2015:

China is facing its economic issues which it will overcome in Maoist style endurance if need be. It has 5,000 years experience in how to run itself. It is purging itself of corruption, while it asserts its place on this planet peacefully. Putin carries on as usual his nimble, patient and wise self. India will align with Russia economically in similar manner as did China. ndia’s new Virgo leader Modi will work with Libra master Putin who can afford to out-wait the Westerners. The Europeans will one day beg Russia for help. They will regret having aligned once more with the Atlanticists. In 2020 onward, we will see that the shift that has happened in 2014 will come home to roost.

Below is the Summer 2014 block buster show time. PooTeen and the next generation –
and this can remind an older & aware observer in his 50ies of “The K” in Ohai CA:

Unusual fellow. Vladimir Putin (see his site) is an enigma to the Western mind as I pointed out often based on his birth astrology. And as the noted US based psychologist Dr. Heath King pointed out correctly in an opinion piece; “Putin’s psychological savvy is also reflected in what are reportedly his favorite books. One is “The Wine of Wisdom: The Life, Poetry and Philosophy of Omar Khayyam.” I find this particularly significant, as Khayyam was a Persian Sufi Muslim who transcended Orthodox Islam — and Putin has rigorously countered Islamic extremists.

Also among his favorite reading: Dostoyevsky’s “The Brothers Karamazov” and “Crime and Punishment,” both classics in human psychology. Of significance, too, is that Dostoyevsky sought to preserve the cultural values of Russia against what he saw as its loss of identity in an increasingly secularized West.”

To say that the West is by now secularized is a mild term, and perhaps decadent is more correct. We live as Westerners now in a world devoid of compassion, emptied of knowing, and of culture. Wisdom is hard to come by – as we work quietly and with perseverance for a world that will one day be managed by philosopher leader types. As Prof. Fursov in Moscow pointed out, Europe is a museum, with practically no future left. The question now is what Germany will do. This is where the match will be played out, in the higher minds in Berlin. One leading and rare German newspaper has pointed out correctly that the West is on the wrong path.

To use Tolkien’s terminology, the Western world seems to be in the hands of the Orks, while the Elven world holds an invisible council to steer the world hobbits into peaceful and fruitful new action. The petty economic war is designed by the Atlanticists to bring down the emerging economies and is aimed in particular at Germany which is however in silent talks with Russia about BRICS and German high tech. There is no way that Germany will let itself be annihilated once again by the would-be world controllers. But the Germans are taking their time to awaken to reality. There is a very deep game afoot with Saturn in Scorpio.

As to MH 370 / 17 – well? I was asked to say something. There are certain things mankind does not know. There is the unforeseen factor, the vast unknown. Some sinister forces are trying to scare and or blackmail many governments worldwide. Keep being an aware observer, simply watch what is fact and what is fake, and what the evidence points to. There are more than two planes missing and unexplained in all this by now, and we have ultra bizarre and disturbing witness testimony in Eastern Ukraine – coming also from the OSCE monitors.

Gold rises towards 2,000 soon, maybe with a small delay. The Western economy implodes gradually. Your safe assets are simply gold, some cash on hand, land in safe and radiant zones, with agriculture, energy, and some eternal art works, hard assets, and no paper. Things of value are things that have use, and which store value.

As to the Gold / Mars in Scorpio correlation discussed in my June 2014 essay below, Mr. Merriman MMA Cycles gave me a very important clarification to take into account:

“For the record, the 72% probability I mentioned was that Mars in Scorpio had a 72% probability (rate of frequency) of having a substantial appreciation, not that its price would rise 72% during that time. Sometimes it rallies as much as 50% and often over 10%, during that period. This current time looks a lot like Mars in Scorpio July – Sept 1982 (Gold soared 49% during that period) and July – Sept 1999 (Gold only rallied 5% during that time). Those are the only two times I have when Mars was in Scorpio during July-Sept.”

Still, chances (probability) for a substantial rise in gold price are intact until end of 2014.

Outlook 2015 is generally good for the creative genius, all things considered. 2015 we will see a widely beneficial geometry between Jupiter magnanimously teaching wisdom in Leo, Saturn probing far sight in Sagittarius, and Uranus plowing on through Aries, liberating things worldwide. Compared to what awaits us in 2020, this coming year is of good cheer. Enjoy and use wisely.

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