New Game 2021 ForeCast


July 2015, world astrologers Chris Flisher & St.Clair: Before The Deluge – held a 1 hour incandescent audio talk about the world, astro rarities – where we go next few years. What can we do about it? How to adapt? Localize your solutions, network them! Protect your mind! Deep conversation based on a forecast – available at Future News – combination of long essays seeing in perspective > Pluto / Saturn / Jupiter / Mars super rare alignment of March 20, 2020.

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The world is not enough. There is intelligent contact out there.
The 5 part essay by St.Clair into 2021 is Ahead of The Game – by Leagues.

Future Seeing is a multi-faceted art – it involves many disciplines.
Clif High & St.Clair work on a conference: Winter 2015/16. Puget Sound.
20 persons max. with renown guest speakers. Looking into the unknown

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For late February, and late March also, St.Clair offers a private exclusive four day retreat for max. 6 persons in Catalonia – Barcelona area. Contact St.Clair for details.

Key notions for all worthy futurists are SHARED economy / prosperity, shared new technologies. Shared energy / shared new decentralized internet, shared cooperative work/s, shared benefit, and shared everything. Decentralization is key. With Nessus, Neptune, Chiron in Pisces, and later as of 2044 Pluto then also in Pisces, we know the solutions have to be OK for all inhabitants of this realm.

Meanwhile it is evident that this old paradigm is finishing itself off. It may take ten years. The new realm has started to create itself already in the shadows of time… This means the aware observer wants to situate his or her destiny beyond the ending of the old brain. This is ages in the making… it is not the first time you asked yourself what you came here for?

Then comes in a rarely tried notion / approach of Balance.
Common sense – Zen. by Zensu: Beyond Thought – Illusion / The internal Path


The path is about “… passing through the root of fear.” The image explains it better than the narrative, albeit the advice is priceless. Study above links!