Michael St.Clair
Michael St.Clair


I am Astrology…

A prodigy child, born in Zurich, Switzerland on 28 February 1959, he studied law & political sciences at Zurich University and served as a Swiss army officer – assisting a general – before leaving Switzerland and beginning his career advising high-profile clients in special situations world-wide.

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While he applied his knowledge as a strategic astrophysicist, he built a steady record of vast and highly accurate economic, social and political predictions, for which he is esteemed.

Among St.Clair’s noted 1999 predictions were rising oil and gold prices, the falling dollar, the collapse of housing markets, the 2000 US ballot recount, as well as future elections and re-elections of key heads of states, such as German chancellor Schroeder and French Presidents Chirac & Hollande.

He foresaw the wars, global land degradation and ever more powerful hurricanes, while developing his highly original insights about the future new mind of mankind. In 2008 he published the acclaimed book LIGHT-SEEDS which became his life time work.

St.Clair’s vision is timeless, his past predictions are stunning. He is known as the “astrologer to the astrologers”, and he is also a master cosmologist.

In 2005 he began to collect rare earth elements, crystals and gold, while he remembered some of his recollections from a very ancient past life as the Master of the Crystals in Atlantis where he worked on advanced time travel technologies.

In 2007 he crafted his first defensive crystal resonators to shield his psychic existence, and then some of his best clients started ordering more proactive resonator art works of his, to project manifestation power into their ventures.


Blue Phantom Gold Crystal A Crystal Resonator by St.Clair
Blue Phantom Gold Crystal (Available for sale)
A Crystal Resonator by St.Clair


Some of his clients attribute some of their successes to the magical work they did with their resonators. This prompted St.Clair to build ever more refined crystal resonators, of which he is literally the technological inventor.

In January 2009, St.Clair was featured in an acclaimed three hour radio interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast, where he answered questions about the immediate future to a large audience of millions of people in a spell-binding performance.

In October 2009, Ruben del Muro featured St.Clair in his two hour film documentary – The Master of The Light. Since then and into 2015, St.Clair released several profound films on You Tube – visit his video works

In Spring 2013, Kim Castells spoke to St.Clair about Salvador Dali and time travel in a stupendous video interview. In Autumn 2013, Michael Chaplin (son of Charlie Chaplin) talked to St.Clair about his book A Fallen God; and about his work on his film documentary Caravan’s Trail – following his father’s footsteps in his mysterious Gypsy heritage.


NewMind Guidance

After presenting his books ZEN of STARS in 2006; and its sequel FORESEEN in 2007, and the updated full version of all three parts in LIGHT-SEEDS in 2008, St.Clair formed his consulting group network – NewMind Technologies – devoted to buying gold, and to advising high profile clients & organizations through turbulent economic changes; key trigger events St.Clair accurately predicted in his written work since 1999.

St.Clair’s advice – actionable advanced intelligence – is awakening, liberating, and is designed for very unusual times. St.Clair professionally prepared for chaos during his career, ranging from military to law schools, to international banking.

His futuristic focus shows clients how to become part – and make use – of The New Mind, described in his book FORESEEN; a mind which is present, psychic, neutral and fluid by definition.

He shows leaders – economists, executives, entrepreneurs and scientists – how to maintain inner balalnce and how to remain in silent, non-responsive observer mode, while acting from a still and Zen-like non-doing base of being.

“Centered stillness: Intelligence –
defined by the purpose of its use.”
– Michael St.Clair

Based on the fact that St.Clair predicted the value of gold to triple in 2002, he now sees it doubling to well over $3,500 per ounce, and based on his assessment of the world currency wars, he structured an advisory network able to guide individuals around the world about concrete steps to relocate assets into safe zones.

His is a manifestation technique of transforming strategies, with a purposeful intelligent Zen mastery design. This visionary service includes a four day meeting, a situation analysis, and his written guidance into 2020.

St.Clair is a renaissance man, master astrologer, author, artist, gold banker, crystal technology inventor, time traveler & more. He studied the world wide web since its inception. Internet presences of Michael St.Clair on the world wide web include for instance these four sites:

– In 2002, St.Clair presented his Passage 11 website

– In 2007, St.Clair presented his Light-Seeds website

– In 2009, St.Clair presented his St.Clair Crystals website

– In 2014, St.Clair created / presented the current stclairgold.com website.

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