MEMES & THEMES for 2014 – 2021

Curiosity is not the way of understanding. Understanding comes with self-knowledge. He who suffers is not curious; and mere curiosity, with its speculative overtones, is a hindrance to selfknowledge. Speculation, like curiosity, is an indication of restlessness; and a restless mind, however gifted, destroys understanding and happiness.”
~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

Asked to explain what I see in store for the next few years, I am summing it up as the recap of recaps. Much of what follows was elaborated in deep extent at my Radiant Zones Network RZN. If you subscribe you will find a huge vault of future knowing and current assessments available.

We are moving in and through a time best termed “the great leveling” around 2016 — and then “the great reset” by 2021. These times will be seen as a complete overhaul of human society. The phases ahead are complex to grasp, and yet they can be managed by an “inner seeing” ability which each one of us has inscribed in the human DNA. Nothing to fear there. Lots to learn.

Summation and conclusions

The reason I am not saying much in public except once a year in my own videos, is because actually I know that folks do not really understand me well, except maybe those who really had studied my life work LIGHT-SEEDS. With those readers I like to stay in touch. But if you want you can use this summary now that comes, in FULL, and credit me please as the author, and you can share this with friends.

All other questions are personal and mostly safety related, need even legal advice, as well as deep research and resources, and I can only answer them face to face. Many issues are being addressed here in short paragraphs – as an overview.

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True Power - by St.Clair
True Power – by St.Clair