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St.Clair offers in-depth personal life-changing real world advice to clients, incl. astrological consultations to individuals or small groups. Together with his team he holds special exclusive meetings in a powerful Mediterranean setting of great beauty.

Our approach is an Inner Seeing of Aikido Mind; to explore together how to unlock creative imagination and apply innovative, practical, economic solutions that lead to break-through ideas and new concepts – which guide us to remain calm & balanced in a self-sustaining world. A new trajectory: self made and independent. Visit: Consulting Services

St.Clair’s Life

St.Clair advises clients in how to leave the system carefully to create a meaningful life in a new paradigm by taking personal responsibility. In 1978, St.Clair studied political sciences. In 1983 he served as intel officer to a Swiss general. He was in touch with renowned key figures in global diplomacy. General Alexander Haig & Ambassador Vernon Walters were his early mentors.

St.Clair’s acclaimed book LIGHT-SEEDS – Futures of Planet Earth and his unique Film Documentaries have helped thousands of people to understand hidden History and the future of mankind. International clients and entrepreneurs consult with him on how to buy & store gold safely.

Achieving Personal Goals

Choose to Change NOW!
Meeting St.Clair – you enter a sanctuary of dedicated, creative artists, each with practical down-to-earth experience in the real world, from economics to world affairs. This practical methodology has, over decades, helped many to achieve their personal goals.

Our unique approach for our clients is based on ancient teachings of the I-Ching… Seeing skills designed for challenging times. We deliver results, show how to change one’s inner approach to evaluating personal situations. Visit St.Clair’s: Private Meetings

Informed Talking Points

St.Clair offers personal coaching advice upon request to discuss case specific issues in how to approach life’s situations in an ever changing world of uncertainty. From one day – to long term consultancy. Transformation magic applied day by day.

St.Clair’s Astrology: 2016-2046 World Affairs, ​​Macro Economics, Gold, Climate Change, Health & Food, ​Feng Shui, Coaching, Guidance, Inner Seeing, Radiant Zones, Autonomy, Tarot, I-Ching, The Unknown

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St.Clair’s Radiant Zones Network

Private, exclusive: RZN – St.Clair provides extensive written updates ~ based on astrological timing, applied intelligence in economics, world affairs, astrology, sociology, current event trends ahead into the future. Stay informed: Radiant Zones Network

St.Clair’s Team

We show you how to expand, enrich your life. Mindful that we may never meet again, we do our best to prepare you forever. We meet very well prepared. We waste no time. The first step is the last step. Only an empty mind sees clearly. Empty your mind & be like water, my friend! Visit our “Team of Excellence” – Zen like balance

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