Game Over: Transition 2015-2020!

Summer Solstice 2015
Looking five years out: Complex time to come now.

One month ago, we had the great honor to host some of the most advanced individuals on this planet in our “Radiant Zones” Network, to discuss the immediate future. Here is a short outlook starting with this Mars / Sun conjunction, going into 2016-2020. “It’s all good” as they all say around me, yet, there are things we need to know. We approach now the end game we discussed for one decade.

Quick summation – astrological chess moves ahead now:

Sun & Mars move in tandem seemingly almost at same speed, not quite, the sun moves faster. So they are together, working their way through what is left of Gemini and then into Cancer at Solstice. While it is productive in Gemini due to all the fire / air synergy in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, it gets challenging in Cancer opposite Pluto.

You see Mars in June 2015 in Gemini conjunct the Sun, full power ahead… and by full moon 1st July, Mars then in Cancer and still conjunct Sun, but opposite Pluto. This is of a rather extreme nature, can be coercive and secretive. It is definitely war like. The explosive nature of the new moon 16 June builds up all through the rest of June and may find release as July 2015 starts. In our own lives at personal levels we have to really be careful, aware of each moment, and watch out, so as to avoid accidents. This is a pretty dangerous time ahead.


However, there is very good news ahead now also:

29 June to 1st July (full moon) – Venus conjunct Jupiter in LEO, in trine to Uranus in Aries, which is indicative of greatest success and of a possibility of many lasting agreements. So indeed.. there is also a very fortuitous alignment structure building up with Mercury in Gemini, now direct again, in the mid point between Uranus in Aries and Jupiter / Venus in Leo. Each evening you can see West after suns set how Venus (the brighter one) closes in on Jupiter.

That whole interaction Uranus / Mercury / Venus & Jupiter is very fortunate and can help us to build good relations. This is very beneficial for any new ventures also. So I am saying these next weeks and into July included are really very positive. We need to grab this Summer 2015 now.

Also there is a Kryptonite type alignment during the Cancer new moon on 16 July 2015 – with Mercury, Mars, and fixed super star Sirius within less than 1 degree – in exact precise opposition to Pluto. Taken on it’s own (out of context) I would say: this is rather extremely dangerous. However, it is embedded widely to some degree with Saturn in Scorpio and with Chiron in Pisces.

Still, I would be very careful during this whole 2015 Summer if I were you. Careful while driving, using machinery and sharp objects, careful while talking, while writing. Let’s say we need to master a new skill: The Art of Being Careful. Let’s say we want to be AWARE of each and every moment now, and watch what surrounds us all the time with hawks’ eyes!

The mid July 2015 cluster — with fixed star Sirius — opposite PLUTO @ CAP 15!


As July ends, the fun ends. As of August starts the phase where Jupiter goes square to Saturn on numerous occasions into 2016, Jupiter then also opposite Neptune, we discussed this already. Jupiter in 90 degrees to Saturn is not very easy going, and yet it can be handled if one knows how to do this smartly. Jupiter generally plows ahead and sees the opportunities, while Saturn likes to double check the stuff.. the best word allying here would be “DUE DiLiGENCE!”

Three dates ahead to consider carefully:

* Jupiter square Saturn 3 August 2015 – For the August 2015 square, Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo is less than one degree orb. A lovely in fact stellar aspect on its own. However, Venus retrograde – as of July 24 until into September – then and square Saturn points to delays and restrictions in the area of relationships, barter and money exchanges. The advice would be to try get fair deals done, and in a way, when done carefully, the deals we make can realistically be honored also later, knowing the time gets tougher. Very tough.

* Jupiter square Saturn 23 March 2016 – In the March 2016 chart, Venus then in Pisces, opposite Jupiter in Virgo, and square Saturn in Sagittarius. The hardships imposed on Venus are exacerbated with Venus conjunct Neptune. This adds deception and confusion into the mix. The problem here is that over a half year later, by then Spring 2016, there is a situation where people expect too much or are under misguided impressions of what is realistically doable. Taken out of context and on its own, however, Venus conjunct Neptune of course is fantastic, only unfortunately very ill aligned to other 2 major economic mega players. So realism is very important.

* Jupiter square Saturn 26 May 2016 – The May 2016 Jupiter Saturn square includes the T-square with Neptune, leaving us all in an uncertain place where we hope we get through this and move on to a better & safer place in life. This chart does not show a direct link from Venus to Jupiter and Saturn. Venus is, however, placed under great duress with the Sun conjunct Venus (very nice) in Gemini then, but opposite Mars – by then in Sagittarius. This is where trouble escalates.

Many positions in the heavens move silently backwards – and this is just as well as it takes the stinger out of an otherwise unmanageable situation – [ Saturn, Pallas, Ixion, Pholus, Quaoar, Chariklo, Pluto, Ceres, Nessus and Chiron and Neptune in Pisces ] are all retrograde at the New Moon in mid July – but this does not mean we should not be very vigilant! All it means is that the change comes from WITHIN!

In general, this series of Jupiter / Saturn squares from AUG 2015 to MAY 2016, and all of its associated aspects points to potential trouble brewing in associations / relationships which are already experiencing lack of harmony. Hopes, visions and dreams for the future may differ to such an extent that compromise may be difficult to achieve. A difference in opinions or beliefs may be the cause of contention, or squabbles may arise over finances and shared responsibilities. Some folks are going to part ways.

In simpler words, the overall principles of expansion, exploration or / and optimism (Jupiter) collide with – and are held in check by – the principles of restriction, discipline or / and contraction (Saturn), while the whole theme is even more probed and tested by a dissolving principle of Neptune in Pisces, which completely rules all of it, and which is why any forecast gets very nebulous. There will be many things going on that are hard to describe and even more complex to understand when they happen. This is an “ending of time” of sorts – starting soon now.

Relations, associations or partnership which are in disharmony are more likely to affect those people whose horoscopes are directly impacted by Jupiter square Saturn. But generally this is a very tricky time for one year to get agreements to stick. If associations and relations are based on realism, however, then I would say that this phase may in fact cement relations more and bring people who work well together even closer. There is a way to prepare very intelligently by TiGHTENiNG the collective belts a wee bit, and become reasonable.

The same applies to finances & economics – where debt will become more difficult to manage or harder to rearrange and this is the theme worldwide. Debt. The quadrillions derivative mushroom, etc. A restructuring of this debt will be needed and cutbacks will have to be made in the budgets. The whole aspect astrologically spells “austerity” and yet the politicians who will try to do that, austerity, will be outed by their voters sooner or later.

Griechenlands Finanzminister Yanis Varoufakis trifft Schäuble

Well? I would have to say to Yanis Varoufakis that the grand ideal of “shared prosperity” comes under extreme stress and into a long lasting reality check point of Saturnian nature, and for almost one whole year, Summer 2015 to Summer 2016. It would be a good idea if the nations would address their house hold budgets now, while quit printing more paper digit money.. Of course they won’t take my advice, and so the thing looks both astrologically and economically like a slow motion train wreck.

This applies to everyone, normal people also, as well as nations. So there has to be a balance in house hold affairs and personal “economics” and in all of macro economy. Extravagance will need to be restricted by strict self-discipline. Hard work and perseverance (Saturn) during this time can lead to increased wealth (Jupiter) and security. Overspending (Venus / Jupiter) during this time would lead to increased financial hardship. Major investments would require a conservative approach and professional advice.

Saturn / Jupiter together with Neptune in the mix mirror a situation after August 2015 and all the way to May / June 2016… where the pace will get more complex, things may have to take more time, more due diligence will be required, and we need to be more resilient to get things done, while knowing also we should slow down.

If this was a Paris – Dakar ralley race, here is how this looks. We had a great fast run so far on long stretches of flat well maintained roads where going at 250 miles per hour was the way to go. Now things change in August 2015. It is like a steep climb after a fast flat race on a runway after August, and you cannot cruise up the mountains through the sands in 5th gear like we did up to this point. We will have to shift down maybe to 2nd gear – possibly even 1st gear. The engines would break otherwise, the whole race would end.

The Virgo Jupiter – Pisces Neptune opposition on its own, taken out of context, is not a bad thing. It can go from panic and hysteria to euphoric and unrealistic dreams. But it has its upside in health, technology and teaching professions. I like the idea of these two working on things in their respective spots. Jupiter and Neptune are BOTH co-Rulers of Pisces. Jupiter now more classically is the new ruler of Sagittarius, where Saturn finds itself. Saturn definitely puts a sour note on things there. It rules affairs of higher learning and of international diplomacy with Neptune doing its invisible or nebulous counter moves.

If it was not for Saturn anchoring the T-square, this would be quite easy going actually, but with Saturn nothing comes easy. But it may last longer. The Saturn / Neptune square we discussed many times. It works at complete cross purpose and will mirror the final descent of the economy. So taken as a whole, it will not be an easy time, be sure you understand this! Yet, still, things can be accomplished if we are willing to see it long term, and must aim towards the end of 2016 to see a denouement for the better. After that, in 2017. We move on towards the new dawn.


The game is complex.

In fact with Saturn back in Scorpio now for 3 months from June – September 2015 it is a very DEEP GAME, and later then an international diplomatic super smart game, as Saturn in Sagittarius will enforce new treaties, new obligations, new alliances, and generally a new and more far seeing future for this planet. Those SOVEREiGN nations which did their home work will come out on top of the game.

It is only when Jupiter passes into the second half of Virgo that it goes into a triangular and beneficial alignment to Pluto. This will be the case after June 2016. At that point things look more constructive again. Yet, Saturn and Neptune simply complicate matters for quite a while now until then. This is also mirrored in shady wars, murky waters, psy ops, counter intel operations etc etc. Too many to follow. You can study for this the outstanding / ongoing work by The Saker and learn more.

In the mundane world, peace will be hard to find and “even tempers” may be in short supply. There is conflict now allover the place, but it is reaching its point of no return by 2020. The astrology complications ahead will show also in world affairs. It is soon a most subtly eroding time ahead. The war zones are handled now by state controlled / sponsored private mercenaries and highly unstable elements, all micro managed by people in places like Saudi Arabia, Tel Aviv and Washington.

This is not an area I will wade into by my own volition, but I have a high level of awareness of the details which I discuss with clients only in face to face meetings. However, you can look at experienced professionals, like Jim Dean & Gordon Duff, who both manage Veterans Today – which is a very interesting resource for global intelligence and the clandestine community, and which we peruse every day. Gordon Duff broke the news on nukes used in Yemen and many other counter intel ops. He has his own view on operation Jade Helm 15, which I respect.

An increase in hostilities is a clear probability in several regions, even if though only in isolated areas. The wars in hot spots such as Nigeria, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and the Ukraine, may still escalate yet become bogged down with no winning party, and so on the whole it is a de-escalation while skirmishes continue. This is clearly mirrored in the planetary moves discussed above.

Personally – I envision that this most knowledgable Iranian General some intel folks talk about, who was an apprentice of the Vietnam General “Giap” (who died at age 102 in 2013) will enter the picture with his super advanced special forces and clean house in the Middle East. This may take time, given the Saturn alignments and the nature of this asymmetric game and ever changing situation.


You understand that Iran is getting firmly embedded now into a full spectrum alliance with China, India and Russia, which includes energy supplies, new technologies, science and defense and foreign affairs policies, as set out in the SCO Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Many more treaties will link all of Russia with the Orient. China pursues a 100 years long strategy of “One Belt & Open Seas” = with a new Silk Road to Europe.

Problems in global finance will continue to impede growth, or make growth really impossible. Hyper inflation is the most probable future now, hence gold is your only safe haven. Actually quite frankly the astrology is no match to my REAL on the ground intel works I know of here / as this area is MULTi DiMENSiONAL and super complex, and yet easily explained by the mindful folks we know of..

See Bill Holter with Jim Sinclair. His statements are well researched and well rounded.
Easy to grasp.. His collection of brilliant essays is at Bill Holter & Jim Sinclair

And this goes also with a highest probability of more countries entering recession and later melt-down. All currencies of worthless papers will sail to the bottom and it matters not which goes down first. The Western world is playing its LAST cards. We can see that the IMF is losing ground, while BRICS are moving on now to implement their new world. De-Dollarization of this planet is a foregone conclusion. There is ONE part of this planet which moves on in relative prosperity, while the other part descends into oblivion.

Astrology has yet to explain this to me.
Do you know how to play the game “GO” ?


The T-square between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune is an especially strong indicator of uncertainty and stunted growth for a while to come. this applies also of course to China. Once China cannot sell its stuff to the indebted and bankrupt West, it will have to rethink its world. This sums things up into Summer, towards end of 2015, and even into 2016.

It will be a long while (end of December 2016 and as of early January 2017) until Saturn lines up constructively with Uranus in Aries, while Jupiter is then in Libra opposite Uranus, but in 60 degrees and beneficial again with Saturn – and so this means for our grander quick outlook, we are looking at the end of 2016 to smell a new dawn. This is realistically how the picture looks like. Of course there are always good phases in between we will encounter as we get there.

You may recall how astrologer colleague Carl Boudreau and I said last year (2014) around this time, a year ago, that we would have an actually good run into August 2015. We are closing in now on this time frame. This means we need to use the weeks ahead productively and finish what we were doing. After August 2015, there comes a whole different astrological climate, simply more hard going to be quite honest.

Again it translates into slowing things down. Being mindful that it will take (even more) effort to get things accomplished. What we have going right now – this and next few weeks – may well be our best time ever in a long time. So we better make good use of it.

Master VV Putin and I have told you for many years, since 2002… It will all backfire to those who caused the mess. And I will say now for the very first time, that the game is over. There will be a new game. Maybe in 2016, maybe only in 2020, we don’t know which with absolute certainty.

Two more dates, for your enjoyment. So you get to have something to look forward to…

1st January 2017: Jupiter in Libra – Saturn in Sagittarius -and Uranus in Aries: Positive.
26th August 2017: Mars in Leo – Jupiter in Libra – and Saturn in Sagittarius. Very positive.

The next issue we will go into is about why and how you must protect your mind.

The planets tell us that we are in the final phase, and anyone sane will know this to be true instinctively and rationally. Yet this is OUR chance. What we see coming now is the DENOUEMENT of things which took two hundred years to develop and to unravel. It all goes back to sender… this is a simple Karmic Law anyone sane can grasp. “It’s ALL GOOD!” as they say in my house…

OUTLOOK 3/20/2020 Spring Equinox – Super rare planet configuration –
lining up Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn. End game time!

March 20, 2020

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