ForeSight 2020 Conference – International Response

In May 2015

A small group of leaders in world affairs & experts in international finance met with futurist St.Clair in Catalonia to look at our future, astrology, gold & macro-economics in relation to the ongoing human challenges we face as mankind. The purpose of this high level conference was to network among like-minded individuals in a rural retreat by the sea, and to give an outline of what is to come, and what to do about it. Below is some initial feedback from the meeting… NOTE: See: 2020 Foresight Videos

* From a former Aide to US President Ronald Reagan:

“Michael & Sheila
Thank you all so much for a wonderful time, your hospitality, and
friendship. I am so glad that I met you in person and attended the
“seminar”. It was incredible and the setting was simply awesome!!! The
people who attended were quite a fascinating group. I have been to
many an interesting seminar and work shop but yours was in a class of
its own!!! By the way, you spoiled us with the food and meals

* From Egon v G.

“Dear Michael, Sheila and Sue
I very much enjoyed meeting you all. I had a great time during this
extended weekend. Met many interesting and warm people in a great and
spiritual atmosphere. One thing I missed though was hearing more from
you. You have so many more things to tell. Thanks for all the other
information. I will need to take my time as you say but I am sure I
will enjoy it. Warmest regards to you.”

* From DK (long time ally)

“Really enjoyed seeing you, Sheila, and Sue again. It’s been far too
long. Met some new friends and loved the setting. On the drive back to
Barcelona I felt some deep sadness as I realized that not much has
changed in 25 years in most people’s knowledge or understanding how
the world around them really operates. In fact they get angry if facts
that don’t fit into their world view are discussed. Sad for me as I
realize that humans are not ready for real change and advancement

* From a wise astrologer colleague – BG

“Hi Michael,
It was a great pleasure meeting you, Sheila and Sue, and I very much
enjoyed my time with you all. Johnny had told me for years how special
you were and he was quite right.
I would have liked to have heard much more of you about Dr.Neruda..”

* From a co-founder of RZN (Radiant Zones Network)

“Having attended many of the St.Clair meetings over the past half decade, what still continues to strike me is Michael’s ability to push the envelope, as it were. As a curious person, I want to indulge myself in all kinds of subject matters, trying to understand contrasting perspectives, before I make my own decisions. While requiring you to remain open minded, Michael combines the unknown, what many people wave aside as ‘fringe’, with the known or mainstream and takes you on an inner journey through means of the outer landscape using his military intelligence background. He offers not only a break from the mundane, but also a voyage into your own perception about yourself and what it’s all about. When you observe what is, the observation is the transformation. Plus, he does not operate on austerity, rather fully embracing the richness that is all around us. A truly remarkable experience, every time.”

~Johnny Mellgren, Sweden

Face to Face with St.Clair
Produced by Sheila Inman & master Zensu




FORESiGHT 2020 – Conference with St.Clair

In May 2015, a dozen of world renown experts in macro economics, gold, world affairs, former intelligence service professionals, technology entrepreneurs, and also financial astrology, met with St.Clair’s Radiant Zones Network team in Catalonia, to discuss the present / future situations of our beautiful planet.

We spent valuable time in different locations, showing our guests what a Radiant Zone type life and economy looks like when well managed. We were allowed to film some (not all) of the presentations and exchanges. What follows are several hours of intense materials. Many in-depth discussions were then held in private with our clients.

The purpose of our conference was twofold: Networking opportunity for our clients and expert friends. Sharing a film documentary with the world about what is needed to know. Our conference was guided by unseen forces.

We published a special booklet for this event which every attendant had been advised to study before coming to meet my ground crew. Scorpio Moon Narratives Revealed is available. You will need to understand it to meet me. Share if so inclined; SCO MOON NARRATiVES – REVEALED – by St.Clair

In chronological order, St.Clair gave his first presentation on fundamental changes, world transformation, what he feels is crucial in our new behavior. He spoke about his background, and what he sees ahead. St.Clair sees as our only solution for mankind in the future, to address earth change risks together, a PLANETARY FEDERATiON. See his 8 min. introduction:

The early technology transfer between extra-terrestrial races and the US shadow government, as well as huge computing powers and advanced new energy and technology were addressed in the context of Uranus-Pluto cycles from 1963 to 2047, and in the context of obvious global market manipulations.

St.Clair’s above opening statements in 40 minutes, given in a “Radiant Zone” (self sustained community where master Salvador Dali lived) in Catalonia, May 2015. These next 19 minutes follow on the heel of the above. This two hour talk is to give an idea of how our special meetings work.

Debates & discourse then followed our many conersations.
Below are 52 minutes with many well known faces talking & thinking together:

Everyone was encouraged to ask questions and participate in the excellent discussions which went on for many days.

Swiss gold expert Egon von Greyerz laid out the future of our world economy, as he is one of the few world’s excellent gold and macro economics experts, and he gave an hour long opening presentation in which he explained the history of our current global economy, the broken markets, the gold situation and what will transpire during the end of 2015, going into 2016, and beyond into 2020.

Later he gave many private talks. Some of which are taped at Radiant Zones Network. Egon von Greyerz points to Winter / Spring of 2016 as a phase to be well prepared for. He sees a series of events ahead and has doubts that there will be a lasting formal reset at all, but rather a series of panics and collapses coming. This is also mirrored by astrology indeed, as Uranus, Saturn, Pluto & Neptune will show us by 2020.

Johnny Mellgren, one of the handful of co-founders of St.Clair’s Radiant Zones Network – and avid long time student of the Austrian School of Economics, was able to talk on camera with Egon von Greyerz and ask pertinent, excellent and well prepared questions, expertly answered by Egon.

In this segment, Egon dispels some of the most notorious conspiratorial myths about gold, and explains why the precious metal is money, and indeed is our only safe haven in the financial storm to come. We factor in that based on the known world figures, gold ought to be reaching US$ 10,000 per ounce. This is a long standing prediction by Egon von Greyerz, which he made already in 2002 when he advised his clients to store physical gold outside of the system.

Ray Merriman, the Western world’s leading financial astrologer who teaches his trader students exact market cycles timing, (statistical approach comparing astrology to known historical market cycles) asked Egon von Greyerz several detail questions to clarify certain issues about paper versus physical gold. Again, Egon made sure his points were well understood by all present. Very interesting exchanges followed.

The next day, St.Clair’s team took the conference to the sea where more presentations were given in a new setting. We discussed world affairs and what is going on worldwide. St.Clair was asked many questions in a highly animated session. This is based also on S.Clair’s new booklet “Scorpio Moon Narratives Revealed” which was studied by most of the meeting attendants.

St.Clair then interviewed Raymond Merriman about the future of the USA, and who might be the next US President by early 2017; why the 1913 Federal Reserve astro chart is more likely the accurate chart reflecting what the 1776 USA has meanwhile morphed into. Why Pluto’s position mirrors the theft of the people’s resources. Lively debate on the idea proposed by Raymond Merriman of “debt forgiveness”, followed by Egon von Greyerz questioning the concept of writing off global debt, and why a world currency reset will have to come into being gradually by 2020 at the latest.

Antonia Langsdorf, Germany’s best known television astrologer, made a short presentation to our conference about 500 years cycles and how the positions of the planets Pluto / Neptune / Uranus are seen in similar alignments when the world gets upgraded to a new level of consciousness. This was a very interesting special feature, much enjoyed by everyone present. St.Clair noted that this next upgrade in awareness is due by about 2045 when Uranus is in opposition to Pluto.

On the last day of this memorable conference, Michael St.Clair & Egon von Greyerz held a private free flowing conversation on camera, unprepared, discussing Krishnamurti’s wisdom, the meaning of life, friendship, the importance of Giving, and how best to prepare in a confident manner for what we know is going to be the most probable future. The talk mirrors an exchange of ideas among two masters, and ends with the literal exchanging of symbolical gifts all made in Switzerland. In our producer’s opinion this is our best film ever made.

Witness testimony from the 2015 Aigua Blava meeting


St.Clair Conference

June 2015

Yes to that, OK!

A small group of a dozen world leaders met with futurist Michael St.Clair in Catalonia to look at world affairs & macro economics in the ongoing challenging situations we face as mankind. The purpose of this high level conference was to network among like-minded individuals in a rural retreat by the sea, and to give an outline of what is to come, and what to do about it.

Some (by far not all) of the conversations were filmed to be presented here. The gathering was based on a 101 page outline published by St.Clair in his 2015 briefing “Scorpio Moon Narratives Revealed” – which sums up his intelligence based knowing of what is at stake in geo politics now and into 2050. Astrological alignments into 2020, 2025 and 2045 were analyzed in great depth.

The well known Swiss gold expert & economist Egon von Greyerz gave a riveting presentation and two deep talks about precious metals, global economy and wise preparations to consider, given the high risks he assessed, while US based financial astrologer Raymond Merriman and his professional trader students discussed the world wide financial markets in a changing context of Saturn, Pluto and Neptune.

The Austrian School of Economics expert Johnny Mellgren from Stockholm held a well researched interview with Mr. von Greyerz, ranging from the historical value of gold and its ratio to silver, to financial media disinformation, and about future issues around precious metals and the value of real sound money. The central question was how will we know when gold will be over-valued? When will that be?

German TV astrologer Antonia Langsdorf presented an enlightening short 500 years cycles feature talk about human activity in this big picture context – a small metaphysical lecture, covering Neptune in Pisces, Uranus in Aries, from the 15th Century book printer Gutenberg to 21st Century legalized Marihuana economies – much enjoyed by all present.

The international private clientele of Michael St.Clair’s – among them venture capitalists, real estate entrepreneurs, technology experts, lawyers, intelligence officers, a former US Presidential Aide, traders and astrologers from India, Germany, England, Greece and Sweden – discussed what the real and present threat to this planet entails now for our human development.

Ray Merriman and Michael St.Clair talked together about the future of the USA, the astrological charts of 1776 USA and 1913 Federal Reserve, the notion of “debt forgiveness” – and who is most likely to be nominated or elected as next US President in 2016. The outcome is open on all these issues. Edward Snowden would stand a chance if he would run for office. This idea made everyone smile. Both astrologers see a potential upswing of the economy after 2021.

Egon von Greyerz and St.Clair exchanged views about self-education, the meaning of life, why now is the only moment we have to enjoy life, and how best to be prepared internally for the times to come.

St.Clair spoke for a few days about the ongoing earth changes, ecology threats, extra-terrestrial technology transfers dating back to 1940, new future physics, science, medicine, energies, computing powers, algorithmic market manipulations, inner and outer transformations, the role imagination will play to bring about change and adapt to new paradigms, and how to begin to prepare “Radiant Zones” worldwide – and why to network them intelligently into new micro economies.


The fascinated participants had a chance to ask questions and engage in lively debates – without accepting nor rejecting what was presented, while interacting with one another in a casual and serene setting by the Mediterranean Sea. A higher & non human force was acknowledged by some of our guests. Some of the highly interesting exchanges and advanced talks are available in the film documentary series shared on these pages.

The exclusive premise of the 2015 St.Clair “FORESiGHT 2020 Conference” was as Jiddu Krishnamurti suggested in 1929:

“Only an empty mind can see clearly.”

Think about this!


Ray Merriman wrote in his mid-May 2015 column:


“It was surreal. Spain was surreal, and so was Barcelona. But then, I should have known it would be surreal when you consider that the amazing location of this special gathering I participated in was in Madremanya, just outside Barcelona, and near the home/castle/museum of Salvador Dali. Dali, as many know, was the leader of the Surrealist movement in art. So much happened last week that it will take me weeks to digest. But one (of several) of the wonderful things was attending a unique conference of Gold experts and people with various intelligence backgrounds who presented their rendition of the future for the world economy and politics. I will try to find the space to write about this in a not-too-distant column. But for now, I simply report: Spain – and especially Catalan, where I visited – is an amazing and beautiful country.”

NOTE: See: Foresight 2020 Conference documetary and use this play list;

We were very honored to host these exceptional human beings, true leaders, and we are most pleased to share some of this unusual material via an artistic & advanced documentary film series. The videos were produced, directed, shot & edited on 2 Panasonic cameras (W858 & DVC30) by Zensu – with the assistance of Sheila Inman, and astrologer / film medium expert Ralfee Finn.

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