Focus on Russia

Mars in Libra applied to 2014 World Diplomacy

It is clear now to everyone, (as I explained to Chris Flisher astrologer in our April 2014 Easter radio talk), that Russia and Libra zen master Putin come out of all this as the ones seeking to restore true balance – global social justice.

As Summer, August 2014, unfolds, we expect Mars in Scorpio to mirror a substantial rise in the paper price of gold by Autumn 2014, but we have to wait and see how the environment of the financial markets develop. Many surprises in store for the stock, bond, and housing markets. This is not at all going as the Federal Reserve nor the IMF has planned.

The USA builds up (as Prof. Fursov and I stated) its totalitarian “Fortress America” – virtual lock-down, with every citizen seen as a potential “terrorist” etc. while the rest of the world looks for new solutions. India has a new Virgo-born leader who has new practical visions for India. Meanwhile Iran sees its chance in an Iraq which is as was to be foreseen breaking apart.

It looks like the Western gold vaults are getting close to empty, the gold manipulations are being exposed now, Pluto in Capricorn, and the Oriental places of trading, such as Shanghai, Singapore, Moscow, and others will step in to create a physical only gold market for the greater economic future by 2015.

At the same time, China finds out that indeed some of its ports do not have the metals stored that should be there. The plot thickens with Uranus / Pluto twists yet for 2015. It will only get better still…

So far, and as a result of the astrological alignments of Spring 2014 — when looked at it as a “DEEP GAME” – with Saturn in Scorpio — we see several key factors as having materialized in a way such as to point to a probable future.

Few high-lights into Summer Solstice 2014:

– Putin aligned himself fully with China for the next 50 years, as I predicted.

The energy deals he signed in Shanghai are strategic of nature and lasting.
Deals signed involve also defense, new technology, construction and machinery.
His successors will carry on one day what he has worked on now for a decade…

– China is taking the US empire to task about hacking surveillance etc

– Ukraine descends into chaos, but it is not Putin’s fault nor problem.

– Europe makes a bad case for itself. EU Minions & vassals obey US diktats.

– US diplomacy is caught in its biggest dead end in 200 years. No way out!

– US “laws” have instituted a quasi totalitarian police state on US people.

– The global business world wants progress, no sanctions, and goes Putin-side.

– MH370: The phantom flight explanations mean it is an ET disclosure event.

Focus on Russia – from within:

We show you these videos emanating from inside Russia…
– in an attempt to have you see different view points –

Evgeny Fedorov about a possible 2015 attack on Russia — in a two hour video:

A coup d´état under the guise of an ‘Orange Revolution’ is being prepared in Russia. The big picture and the details are given by Evgeny Fedorov, a deputy in the Russian parliament, and coordinator of the People’s Liberation Movement. The coup facilitator is the fifth column, which dominates the mass-media and public servants all the way up to government ministers, a point barely known within Russia, never mind outside.

However, the people’s insurrection in Ukraine could wake up enough people in Russia to restore national sovereignty. In the next few years it will come to a head, with only two possible outcomes : the destruction of Russian civilization or the collapse of the American empire.

Here in 9 minutes, Fedorov explains what the EU / Ukraine treaty entails.
(Unlike most folks, he has actually studied the 300 page treaty details.

Igor Panarin on recent historical facts leading to the new Russia. Who sold the shop?

Professor Fursov again, with a short 4 minute statement on Future Power Centers