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St.Clair in his decade of film documentary work (2006-2016)
Excerpts of the most celebrated pronouncements by his guests.


St.Clair is at home behind & in front of his cameras…

St.Clair behind camera
St.Clair behind camera

Renown gold expert economist Egon von Greyerz –
at Michael St.Clair’s “ForeSight 2020 Conference”


Visionary futurist Michael St.Clair has been in the “secret eye” of mainstream & alternative media ever since 1999, when he predicted the most surreal 2000 US elections ballot recount / appointment of GW Bush as President. St.Clair stated that Al Gore was the last real elected President in USA History / and so it was.

He interviewed (and spoke in private to) several confidential sources, such as Apollo 14 Astronaut Ed Mitchell, Secretary of State General Alexander Haig, Ambassador Vernon Walters, and President Gerald Ford. St.Clair was also friends with a few by now deceased actors and movie directors.

From 1999-2002, he was heard on numerous Florida radio stations, giving astro updates; he had his own radio show with Clear Channel (WBZT), (famous is his interview with ex CIA agent Brad Robinson about 9/11) – and in 2003 St.Clair was interviewed by Jeff Rense and Lou Gentile, later in 2007/2009 also by George Noory, Don Nicoloff & Chris Flisher, when his career began to veer into “alternative media” – and his explorations of the unknown with Clif High are legendary.

In 2006, St.Clair’s career took him into the realm of YouTube, Project Camelot & Conscious Media Network / Gaiam TV. Most renown is his talk with Kerry Cassidy at Chillon castle:

In 2009, he produced his own films, independent of any media outlet. Notable is the monumental documentary movie – The Master of The Light – by Ruben Del Muro, which gained attention globally. It discusses his life time work, “Light-Seeds” – as well as the world wide situation into 2020 and beyond. To this day, this work remains timeless, shown on many channels.

Acclaimed small video
“INNER WORLDS” – by Zensu

as valid & timeless now as it will ever be.


Golden Future


View a selection of St.Clair’s most memorable filmed work
– up to 2016:

In Winter 2013… Sheila Inman produced / directed a masterful documentary with the Catalan magician architect Kim Castells, talking about his neighbor Salvador Dali and his secret societies in Paris. Two parts to this, enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

In October 2013, Michael John Chaplin (eldest son of Charlie Chaplin) agreed to have a profound conversation about his work, his novel A FALLEN GOD, and the film documentary he is researching about his famous father’s mysterious roots. Filmed by Zensu, assisted by Sheila Inman.

– St.Clair’s team presents new event series at diverse You Tube outlets. In 2015, St.Clair’s Radiant Zones Network held a core meeting in Catalonia with some of the most extra-ordinary true leaders of this planet.

Face to Face with St.Clair
Produced by Sheila Inman – 2014




FORESiGHT 2020 – Conference with St.Clair

In May 2015, a dozen of world renown experts in macro economics, gold, world affairs, former intelligence service professionals, technology entrepreneurs, and also financial astrology, met with St.Clair’s Radiant Zones Network team in Catalonia, to discuss the present / future situations of our beautiful planet.

We spent valuable time in different locations, showing our guests what a Radiant Zone type life and economy looks like when well managed. We were allowed to film some (not all) of the presentations and exchanges. What follows are several hours of intense materials. Many in-depth discussions were then held in private with our clients.

The purpose of our conference was twofold: Networking opportunity for our clients and expert friends. Sharing a film documentary with the world about what is needed to know. Our conference was guided by unseen forces.

In chronological order, St.Clair gave his first presentation on changes, transformation, what he feels is crucial in our new behavior. He spoke about his background, and what he sees ahead. The early technology transfer between alien races and the US shadow government, as well as huge computing powers and advanced new energy and technology were addressed in the context of the Uranus-Pluto cycles from 1963 to 2047, and in the context of obvious global market manipulations.

St.Clair’s above opening statements in 40 minutes. In a small Radiant Zone in Madremanya, Catalonia, May 2015. These next 19 minutes follow on the heel of the above. This one hour is to give an idea of how our special meetings work.

Debates followed our many talks. Everyone was encouraged to ask questions and participate in the excellent discussions which went on for many days. This next video below shows such an inter-active moment for an hour. Very enlightening discussion about alternative futures…

Johnny Mellgren, one of the handful of co-founders of St.Clair’s “Radiant Zones Network” and avid student of the Austrian School of Economics, was able to talk on camera with Egon von Greyerz and ask pertinent, excellent and well prepared questions, expertly answered by Egon.

In this segment, Egon dispels some of the most notorious conspiratorial myths about gold, and explains why the precious metal is money, and indeed is our only safe haven in the financial storm to come. We factor in that based on the known world figures, gold ought to be reaching US$ 10,000 per ounce. This is a long standing prediction by Egon von Greyerz, which he made already in 2002 when he advised his clients to store physical gold outside of the system.

Ray Merriman, the Western world’s leading financial astrologer who teaches his trader students exact market cycles timing, (statistical approach comparing astrology to known historical market cycles) was invited to ask Egon von Greyerz several delicate questions to clarify certain issues. Again, Egon made sure his points were well understood. Very interesting exchanges followed.

The next day, St.Clair’s team took the conference to the sea where more presentations were given in a new setting. We discussed world affairs and what is going on worldwide. St.Clair was asked many questions in a highly animated session. This is based also on S.Clair’s new booklet “Scorpio Moon Narratives Revealed” which was studied by most of the meeting attendants.

St.Clair then interviewed Raymond Merriman about the future of the USA, and who might be the next US President by early 2017; why the 1913 Federal Reserve astro chart is more likely the accurate chart reflecting what the 1776 USA has meanwhile morphed into. Why Pluto’s position mirrors the theft of the people’s resources. Lively debate on the idea proposed by Raymond Merriman of “debt forgiveness”, followed by Egon von Greyerz questioning the concept of writing off global debt, and why a world currency reset will have to come into being gradually by 2020 at the latest.

Antonia Langsdorf, Germany’s best known television astrologer, made a short presentation to our conference about 500 years cycles and how the positions of the planets Pluto / Neptune / Uranus are seen in similar alignments when the world gets upgraded to a new level of consciousness. This was a very interesting special feature, much enjoyed by everyone present. St.Clair noted that this next upgrade in awareness is due by about 2045 when Uranus is in opposition to Pluto.

On the last day of this memorable conference, St.Clair & Egon von Greyerz held a private free flowing conversation on camera, unprepared, discussing Krishnamurti’s wisdom, the meaning of life, friendship, the importance of Giving, and how best to prepare in a confident manner for what we know is going to be the most probable future. The talk mirrors an exchange of ideas among two masters, and ends with the literal exchanging of symbolical gifts all made in Switzerland.

In our producer’s opinion this is our best film ever made.

Witness testimony from the 2015 Aigua Blava meeting

We were very honored to host these exceptional human beings, and we are pleased to share some of this material via a most advanced documentary film series. The videos were all produced, directed, shot and edited on two Panasonic cameras (W858 & DVC30) by Zensu – with the assistance of Sheila Inman, and astrologer / film medium expert Ralfee Finn.

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