Enigma 2015 – Possibilities

2014 ends on a note of high statesmanship – absolute Zen strategy.
New Rules or NO Rules? A law of some sort for all, or a jungle law?

Truly, we have never heard any more original, creative and genuine words than when we listened to during the exchanges at the Valdai Club forum at the end of October 2014. The Grand Cardinal Cross of Spring 2014 brought about very real world changes which however went unnoticed by many. We listed these changes here in this blog on time since Spring 2014 – and we follow the details in our network.

Even seasoned intelligence experts and diplomats of the whole wide world (who are in contact with me) have a hard time now to keep up with the rapid and fundamental changes (which I predicted to clients) in the global diplomatic climate – as Vladimir Putin laid out a whole new different style of how to communicate reality to this planet. There is now a change asked for by those wishing to be a part of the new future modern world.

There are many focus points which needs to be adjusted to by 2020. This being a web site for the long term, we are looking at what happens as Saturn quietly moves towards its alignment with Jupiter and Pluto in 2020. There are going to be things happening even the “controllers” of this planet had not factored in.

Please first do see these three hours. It is a must for the aware observer. Has been banned in the West.

See more commentary at Putin Valdai Club Sochi 2014 and at original transcripts Kremlin site

It is very rare in world affairs, in four or five decades that I know of since JFK, that a person of import has stated such truly important and relevant facts honestly at the level he can afford to speak of. My advice to all is that we carefully study what Putin proposes, and that we do what we can do to work things in the direction he indicated. He has summed up many issues much better than I did in my written work, and he has validated the major concerns of a future worth living which I had highlighted in my book LIGHT-SEEDS.

The astrology of the moments ahead with Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces in 2015 of course confirms that until March (maybe May) 2015 we are still in the thralls of the nastiest currents of the last twenty years, and then, after mid 2015 and until 2020, we enter the time in which we will actually have to implement these changes proposed. We have now five years to adapt to the global reset in the works.

This is not going to be easy. It has to be done nevertheless. We will do it and look good after we are done. But it has to be done person by person. This is very big – not for the fainthearted, and we did prepare our clientele accordingly since 2002.

The enigma is — can we do it?
Astrology 2020 suggests this is doable.