De-Escalation is at Hand

“In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.” — Jiddu Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti once asked in one of his outstanding talks; “Why has thought become so important in all our lives – thought being ideas, being the response to the accumulated memories in the brain cells?” I am not sure you ever even thought of this question.

Idea is not action. Be fully aware of that! Plus there is this interval between the two 😉

Is it doable to “empty your mind” and “be like water my friend” – as Bruce Lee taught us?
He studied Krishnamurti & applied him all the way. Let us empty our minds for a moment now!

In our futuristic work here, we pointed out, while going against the grain of an old mind reality based logic, that much better things are in the offing now, than some of the sooth sayers would have you think, despite how extremely irrational the Big Picture looks. Yes, right now things are looking a bit dicey.

We witness tipping points in our own existence now and we see how this planet experiences a shift in how it perceives its own evolution. These are not small items we are contemplating. Our guidance shows us now how we can help make the events flow in a way suitable to our needs. All this is not as simple as it sounds.

Many of the issues we look at sound abstract. And yet, they are real. I know it is hard to see the unforeseen and the invisible energy lines at work, but we can discern silver linings in the horizons. Here we make an effort to show that, as a German saying goes, nothing is eaten as hot as it is cooked.

Change is constant and at work. The unforeseen can and does happen all the time. We are looking now at Saturn and Neptune in 2015-2016. Astrologer Carl Boudreau states correctly that “Saturn and Neptune often work at cross purposes, but between them, they help us keep our ideas about the world real, relevant and reasonable.”

We are moving into a time of greater fluidity. Nothing makes much sense on the face of it. Many people we meet are living in fear. We constantly tell them that things are going better than expected, and that world wide, de-escalation is happening. It could have been a lot worse if the sinister forces had their way.

We take each step of the journey as it comes. As they say, one step at a time. Certainly we are allowed to think ahead of the next step after this one now, and the next… and yet, we will deal with that one when it comes. It is probably true that we cannot understand a future stage of affairs before we have undergone the changes of the issue at hand in the now. Some futurists will say it is best not to get too much ahead of yourself too early. This just to say, it is looking pretty good now.

In global affairs we have just averted the worst of all outcomes even though it looks still dark. Many wanted to predict the start of a major new war. It did not happen. I do not know what makes people feel better about predicting the worst. It is a mental illness. We stated that without a doubt, there is “de-escalation at hand” in the long run. All the signs point to an emergence of new generations who will work in peace on large new projects together, free of fear, free from the known.

Sure, the next few years are laced with very ominous challenges ahead, and yet, logic and reason are beginning to set in again – after almost twenty years of sheer insanity. We see how Putin and China are creating a new reality of their own, possibly a new civilization, and as seen from “Middle Earth” in Europe, we feel it should be possible to create an open space “from Lisbon to Vladivostok” – free of conflict. It will come about at some point, it’s all good!


There is no delusion here.

We are in the front lines of what I would consider a civilization conflict of the 21st Century. A quick look around this planet shows it clearly. Russia sees its future in the Arctic and in Siberia, while its partner China wants its economy to go global, including the Far-East Asia and the Pacific region, Africa and Latin America. Russia also wants its allies in Latin America and Central Asia to become more creative and important simply because without these continents and regions there cannot be a truly multi-polar world.

There are a lot of good people at work all around the world, from tiny hamlets to the Capitals of the world. New human knowing technologies are being birthed every week, new communications established. A new macro economy is about to come into being. Solutions are at hand, from science, to energy, to medicine. You name it. We are not a species of idiots. We have to learn to become self sufficient and able to manifest what we wish to see happen.

At some point we will move towards a “planetary federation” type world. No one will ever think of how to steal the resources of another part of Earth, and no one will intend to eliminate another nation. This archaic mindset will be an almost “forbidden” zone of thinking. This might take into 2047 as we pointed out in our Big Picture essay, and eventually we will mirror here what our allies of humanity have going on on other star systems.

In macro-economy matters we see the ending of the old realm of the dollar reserve currency – and the rise of the BRICS as a fact. The old empire is almost eating itself up now. It was to be expected, in short, that after two thousand years of the Roman / Western thought patterns we would see a shifting of the winds of change towards an Oriental based line of thought. Our job now is to strike some sort of a mental Martial Arts balance – an “Aikido of the Mind” – to be able to see ahead and stay in the flow of the coming events.

Personally I do not know who or what brings about these mega changes, true “paradigm shifts” as people like to call them. Maybe a galactic force is also at work. I do not believe that we are in control alone of what happens here on Earth. I know that we are capable of changing our world views, wherever we live, wherever we came from. We are this change to some degree.

Ideas and the way we perceive reality are now starting to become fluid. How we imagine the way ahead is an art. We will not carry on seeing things in the same manner we used to see them before. We are able to imagination and create a new reality, no matter what surrounds us.

I-Magi-Nation is the key notion here. We evolve to realize that a better opportunity is looming and that in fact we are capable of making miracles happen. This is a time of larger scale break through – from the old brain to the new mind. This is not conceptual. I have seen it happen, made it happen, helped to make it happen. The rune below is DAGAZ. Breakthrough, Day Break.


It is important now and into 2020 to be mindful of many issues. How we live, how we stay healthy, how we protect our minds, how we will act in cooperation with those who do the same. We will be faced with huge challenges, be sure of this. We are not out of the woods just yet. I am not here to paint you a rosy picture. But I am also aware that we must double up on our efforts to see through the veils of illusions. We must come into alignment with “what is” and stay with the facts.

In my Radiant Zones Network, for subscribers only, see “Secure Access”, we do everything we can to research what is real, to find out what is going on, and what it means for us. We are in touch with many sources and experts keen on finding a better way to live a life worth living in a world of massive changes. True intelligence is really the art of seeing reality.

In my private meeting series I give pertinent advisories about where to settle in, what to do, and how to do it, so as to stay successful and productive. Contact me to set up a meeting of the minds and to see ahead. In Spring of 2015, we will arrange for a meeting with two of the world’s foremost forecasters and gold experts. We are in the loop of reality.

See if you can follow what Mr. Sergei Glaziev, a visionary adviser of Putin, once an outspoken critic of his, explains in 15 minutes about what is at stake for the future of mankind. Have no fear, we are in touch with the best and the brightest.

Be well & welcome! 😉
Offered to you with much respect.

Peace – M StC.

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