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St.Clair Cardinal Grand Cross
Cardinal Grand Cross
St.Clair with Michael Chaplin
St.Clair Interviewing Michael Chaplin

The predictions you made

“I have just recently returned from Russia where I was invited to speak at an international conference on nuclear physics. Anyway, when I came back I started thinking about you, and the predictions you made: that George Bush would win the election and that the ultimate theory of the universe would be discovered. It appears that you are exactly right.
– Russell Moon [Proving The Vortex Theory]

St.Clair’s magical work

“and existence is like the North Star.
He is a guide and can lead you to your fullest potential –
be it financial success, love, or peace –
while steering you away from your darkest fears..”

– Kelly Leary, M.S. (Grand daughter of Sir William Hill)


Astrologer of the 21st Century

If Dane Rudhyar was the astrologer of the 20th Century,
then St.Clair is the astrologer of the 21st Century.

– Linn Ciesla

St.Clair’s predictive skills

… “could save a government its intelligence service budget.”
– Brad Robinson (President of The Millennium Group – former CIA agent)


St.Clair has combined his psychic recall

his command and knowledge of the history of our world,
and his precise astrological calculations –
to bring you profound insights into the future of humanity..”

– Rev. Aphrodette North, PhD

A High Level of Clarity

Having attended many of the St.Clair & Associates meetings since 2009, I can state with assurance that St.Clair brings a level of clarity, intelligence and assertiveness that is very hard to find elsewhere. In addition, the take aways are always practical and applicable in your own life, be it professionally, personally, economically or spiritually if you are willing to be the change you want to see in your own world.

Krishnamurti, combined with financial intelligence allows you to see clearly through the fog of the main stream, allowing you to navigate the stormy waters of a changing world before us. I can recommend attending, and consulting St.Clair, to any business executive, entrepreneur, professional in any field or to anyone who just wants to expand his or her perception of what we call reality.” – Johnny Mellgren

How to Approach the Future

The meeting gave me vital information and clarity on how to approach the future concerning all areas of my life. Economical prosperity, social safety, health improvement and spiritual wellbeing. I will never forget these days as long as I walk on this earth. Thank you so much!” – Ken