CELTIC NEW YEAR / Divine Long Count

1st Equinox Eclipse since 1662 at 30 Pisces.
Rarest event seen over the ancient Druid Lands.

The message: Envision joint & shared prosperity !
This looks very hopeful for a new & better Europe…

(Impact time line until May 2019, due to 4+ hrs duration.)

This eclipse closes what started in March 2009,
and heralds echoes into 2022 Saturn / Neptune

At the moment of the fullest point, three points in news;

1. Dutch prosecutors refute with absolute certainty the ground missile lies.
Indeed it was not a BUK ground missile that took down MH17.

2. EU leaders divide over anti Russia sanctions,
therefore NO more automatic renewal of collective economic suicide.

3. Putin proposes Currency Union to Belarus & Kazakhstan

2015. This equinox eclipse was so powerful in the sense of long lasting, that it overshadows for sure the time into May 2019, four years on. There is more. We know that Neptune & Saturn will meet in that zone between 2022 and 2026 on numerous occasions, making this very important, so you see how long this stretch of time is in fact when we look at it in its larger scope. What happened around Vernal Equinox Eclipse will have repercussions well into the early and mid Twenties, 2025.

This means this moment ahead brings to a close things from 2009 which either ended / and or started then, and heralds things to come into 2025 about. Now you can put all this over the geography, where it gets very complex, because we would need to see each eclipse pair (in 2011 there were even 4, though light versions) and its visibility localities, to see where the impact was and is the most.

Suffice it to say now that this 30 Pisces eclipse literally overshadowed the geographical channel from Svalbard North of Northern Scandinavia to between Iceland and Scotland down all the way to the Southern hemisphere. My view is essentially when fast forwarded that all this will have an impact on how the world moves on now into these times ahead, say a whole decade, ten years from now.

– Michael St.Clair
2015 March Spring Equinox