ForeSight 2020 Conference – International Response

In May 2015 – A small group of leaders in world affairs & experts in international finance met with futurist St.Clair in Catalonia to look at our future, astrology, gold & macro-economics in relation to the ongoing human challenges we face as mankind. The purpose of this high level conference was to network among like-minded […]

Film Documentaries – by St.Clair

Featured previews St.Clair in his decade of film documentary work (2006-2016) Excerpts of the most celebrated pronouncements by his guests. * St.Clair is at home behind & in front of his cameras… Renown gold expert economist Egon von Greyerz – at Michael St.Clair’s “ForeSight 2020 Conference” . Visionary futurist Michael St.Clair has been in the […]

Andrei Fursov – Banderite Coup d’Etat in Ukraine

Detailed Fursov Q & A on Crimea China and Ukraine Fursov Questions and Answers – Ukraine Ukraine 2014 Fursov Lecture Professor A. Fursov has helped some Europeans understand Hidden History. Grateful to him! Oligarchical Topography of Ukraine Fursov explains the current as well as the historical situation in Ukraine and Crimea: “Many domestic and foreign […]