2020 Far Sight Timing

St.Clair’s: 2020 Far Sight Timing In April 2014, Chris Flisher spoke with St.Clair about the new era to dawn after 2020, during a rare 55 minutes radio interview. This interview, posted in the new St.Clair Gold “Continuum Blog”, is an event not to be missed. Moving towards 2020, during the great societal reset, we will […]

Crucial Passage Time – 2014/15

2014 – The Year of The Horse This is intense, fast paced, and full of surprises. Expect the unexpected! 22 April 2014 in 3D astronomy . There is no doubt about the fact that April 2014 will be seen in hind sight as a time of “fracturing” and as the moment when things either fell […]

MEMES & THEMES for 2014 – 2021

“Curiosity is not the way of understanding. Understanding comes with self-knowledge. He who suffers is not curious; and mere curiosity, with its speculative overtones, is a hindrance to selfknowledge. Speculation, like curiosity, is an indication of restlessness; and a restless mind, however gifted, destroys understanding and happiness.” ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti Asked to explain what I […]