New Mind of The Future

The Eclipse of the Mind is on now! Eclipse = Equinox. Very rare. In 2013, in the midst of the Uranus / Pluto square configuration where advanced Aries technology meets the Capricorn controller, Dr. Michio Kaku – famed and foremost theoretical physics genius – released his book: The Future of The Mind. Do look into […]

Complex Game Theory / Ides of March?

Macro economics resemble game theory to some degree, as long as we have rational partners on all sides of the game. Will the Greek Game Theory expert Yanis Varoufakis find sane players in his meetings started in retrograde Mercury? RESET UNDERWAY NOW # We talked for ages about a coming economic reset into 2020. Now […]

Enigma 2015 – Possibilities

2014 ends on a note of high statesmanship – absolute Zen strategy. New Rules or NO Rules? A law of some sort for all, or a jungle law? Truly, we have never heard any more original, creative and genuine words than when we listened to during the exchanges at the Valdai Club forum at the […]

New Society on 2015 Horizon

Choice of Focus = A Global & Personal Conundrum? This Summer 2014 is astrologically loaded with the most beneficial meeting of Venus & Jupiter in Leo, and with the more probing, menacing and relentless Mars & Saturn tandem passage in Scorpio. This makes Summer 2014 a tough and tenacious time with however great moments of […]

Mars in Scorpio 2014

Gold 2014 and 2016 with Mars in Scorpio As the second half of 2014 gets underway, Mars is leaving Libra after an unusual 8 months long stay in its fall sign, and moving into a sign it feels more at home, Scorpio. This usually is also the time when the gold price starts a new […]

Focus on Russia

Mars in Libra applied to 2014 World Diplomacy It is clear now to everyone, (as I explained to Chris Flisher astrologer in our April 2014 Easter radio talk), that Russia and Libra zen master Putin come out of all this as the ones seeking to restore true balance – global social justice. As Summer, August […]