Memes 2016/2020

2016 Forecast video mini series St.Clair discusses space based economy, black budget, secret space program, gold, markets, earth changes, Trump / Putin cooperation 2017 onwards, and the unknown. Psychic changes ahead! Visit & stay in touch: Future News – St.Clair Ahead

New Game 2021 ForeCast

July 2015, world astrologers Chris Flisher & St.Clair: Before The Deluge – held a 1 hour incandescent audio talk about the world, astro rarities – where we go next few years. What can we do about it? How to adapt? Localize your solutions, network them! Protect your mind! Deep conversation based on a forecast – […]

Protect Your Mind!

Enjoy Life! In their final talk at the ForeSight 2020 Conference – renown gold expert Egon von Greyerz & futurist Michael St.Clair think together about what each one of us can do to create a meaningful, joyful and peaceful life in a world under siege – during a time when our most probable future points […]

Talking Points – Long Way to Mordor

Multi-dimensional During our advanced ForeSight 2020 conference, a few excellent experts both in international finance and media asked me sensitive questions of great import – on issues I found of perennial relevance – and which I sum up here as my “talking points” – in no particular order. They reflect what aware Westerners are preoccupied […]

Game Over: Transition 2015-2020!

Summer Solstice 2015 – Looking five years out: Complex time to come now. One month ago, we had the great honor to host some of the most advanced individuals on this planet in our “Radiant Zones” Network, to discuss the immediate future. Here is a short outlook starting with this Mars / Sun conjunction, going […]