Big Picture 2020-2050

Trends towards 2050
– A longer term view –

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“Do you know what time is? Not by the watch, not chronological time, but psychological time? It is the interval between idea and action. And in that interval is the whole field of time. That interval is essentially thought.” – Krishnamurti

As we develop far sight, we also live in the now. This Zen Astrology essay in my long range trend forecast series is an introduction to the issues we consider. In my radiant zones network, I give detail advisories for the specific years ahead, sharing with subscribers our solutions and resources. If you studied my book Light-Seeds – you will understand and enjoy this surrealist treatise of times ahead.

Nothing in this analysis is meant to weigh or quantify “good” or “bad” and light or dark so much as it simply discusses how we could perceive the extended now. To this astrologer, all time frames are just that – zones of passages. It is an art form. Weather is weather, good or bad. Sure it helps if the forecast is useful.

A good analogy is chess.

chesspieces Black and white pieces are equal, identical. Think about it deeply. They just wear different colors. But they are the same when lined up before the game starts, and they achieve the same. What you need to ask yourself is who or what moves the pieces (planets) around on this “board of time” = motion.

Likewise, since as above so below, and planets as seen in a more esoteric art also represent people and nations, you can ask yourself who moves the pieces (humans and nations) around? Hint: Certainly not the humans. We think we are the players. But perhaps we are not.

With this dose of humility in mind, we know that we have about five more tricky years ahead of us, 2015-2020, which I discussed in my network in detail, with very diverse challenges, risks and some dangers inherent, but we see also phenomenal opportunity and chance coming our way, if we care to focus on solutions and not on problems. We have the resources to create new avenues.

We see in fact larger scale breakthrough around the corner. This is now a case of seeking some balance in how we perceive and assess the situation, while doing our home work in our lives – further refining our existence.

We have, when looking back in a short recap, labored for over a decade now with some rather existential and fundamental challenges world wide — as well as in our own lives, and this shows of course in the planetary alignments we dealt with since this new millennium started. We are still learning to function in a new energy field.

It is fair to say also that many of us have faced sorrow. Thought breeds sorrow, and continuity of time. So long as there is this interval of time which has been bred by thought, there must be sorrow, there must be continuity of fear, as Krishnamurti taught us. What is sorrow, and how do we deal with it properly?

Read Zensu’s master essay: The Art of Sorrow — Protect Yourself!

As I stated many times ahead of time, neither Y2K nor “2012” would be a real issue. Why? Because it was invented, and I told my clients so. Doomsday freaks, however, abound still now. There are those who actually wish for chaos; and by denying them this reality… we can help see and create a better future.

There will still be certain societal and earth change related after-shocks coming into 2021, even into 2047, no doubt about this, but we will manage the curve balls thrown at us by Universe. While the intensity of the past decades abates, new issues are brewing and highlighted here.

We see some very positive developments ahead, while being cognizant of another reality also, with Western police state, spying, surveillance, control, attempted and real localized wars, many destroyed nations, and other ill applied technologies. This negativity will not last forever, nor will it increase. Technological challenges will replace the old issues.

Once we pass 2020-21, it is fair to say (based on astrology at least) that the world navigates towards calmer waters. We will have left the worst of times behind us. In hindsight, we will be able to say that it could have been worse or that we managed pretty well – all things considered. We see for instance when we look at it carefully, that despite false news to the contrary, the most extreme hot spots are being deescalated, or at least they tend not to escalate, even if some sinister forces would wish them to explode.

When looking back from a not too faraway future, we had seen during the last two decades a series of very ominous astrological aspects at work, which indeed coincided to a large degree with developments in macro economy and world affairs that we had to navigate carefully by making extra wise preparations, such as thriving in a more self-sustained manner.

To live in a self-sufficient life style, independent of any systems, is right action anyway, regardless of how good or bad the times are. The point is to be in charge, and not under the control of others. This is still our challenge in a world where resources are rare, badly distributed, and centralized.


We recall the Saturn-Pluto opposition of 2001 with 9/11 and with what would later lead to a disintegration of the economic reality in the Western world, an accumulation of massive global debt in the region of a quadrillion, and tense relations between East and West, and with physical gold leaving the West for China and Russia, the two nations which will build a new economy together with India, Iran and many others.

We have also left behind us by now the 2014 Grand Cardinal Cross and Squares, and while they clearly mirrored the reshuffling of global affairs, it turns out that all this worked just fine for the BRICS alliance, and most of the 110 non aligned nations, while it precipitates the Western world into an abyss of its own making – and so we see that astrology does not necessarily have the same effects on all nations / humans.

Reality in an American city under militarized police siege is not the same as reality in a bio dynamic farming area in say Tanzania. Though we wish to point out positively also that a large movement of organic farmers is now afoot in the USA.

It depends also on what issues we take into account. We can look at technology, science, energy, the internet, medicine, and more. For instance, a de-dollarization of the world is not a bad thing for the most part, even if eventually the US dollar will be devalued by half and may bring folks in the USA a reality check of gross proportions.

Personally, most of us have possibly been tired out to some degree if not become slightly disillusioned by the slow moving inner and outer changes happening since 2001, and after the global financial crisis set in. But new solutions such as crowd funding replaced the antiquated way of raising resources. 2021 ends what began in 2001. This means also a better economy starts worldwide as hard as it seems to believe now.

Pluto in Capricorn in its bizarre and many years long lasting “septile” aspect to Neptune in Pisces has brought about some eroding and definitive transformation in many of us, while it also made some of us wiser and internally stronger, more patient and zen like. Globally it is mirroring a societal irrationality hard to explain, but easy to spot, which still persists.

There are those who wish to foment new wars on this planet to secure resources, but astrology suggests we are moving on to new avenues, in peace and prosperity. Brilliant thinkers are at work creating new spaces for new technologies. There are certain things neither a head of state, nor a mundane astrologer can predict, but a high ranking consultant is allowed to explain.

This is Sergei Glaziev, former outspoken Putin critic, now a close economic and strategic adviser of the President of Russia. Watch his 15 minute interview with subtitles.

From Lisbon to Vladivostok:

We are looking now in more detail at some major planetary positions into 2030 and beyond. First the next few years into 2020. Then the decade ahead, and then later – in a new posting – the next 100 years. We only take into account slower moving outer planets since those are indeed relevant to see worldwide change in motion in the long term.

First of all; Saturn in Sagittarius 2015-2017, next up, is a positive and ultra-empowering phase ahead. It makes several interesting aspects, both benevolently to Uranus in Aries, and more challenging to Neptune in Pisces – and in tandem to other planetary alignments, it helps to see clearer, to develop far sight, to live in good faith in the sense of applying the guidance one can connect to, and to move into higher studies.

Its downside can be somewhat dogmatic. The Saturn-Neptune aspect, with Neptune in its home sign much stronger, speaks to us of a potential of time distortions, changes in ecology, the unraveling of deep game type scandals, belief system issues, the erosion of religions, issues to do with sea level rises, shipping, global transport, energy and oil markets, etc.

Into 2020, we will simply witness many reality check points, of several different kinds, related to reality perception mainly… but not necessarily very deleterious developments.

Extremism, irrationality and fundamentalism of any kind will be held in check, although it will carry on to exist. It is possible / probable that the Capricorn Jesuit Pope F1 may dissolve the Roman Catholic church, at least to some degree, an activity that may take a decade. Imagine dismantling the sorcerers’ palace.

In early 2020, Saturn passes in line of Pluto in Capricorn, thus taking probably a more predominant position. This is the sign Saturn rules and as the inner planet, it trumps PLuto by its relative speed, and it sets the agenda. This ends the half cycle started in 2001 when Saturn opposed Pluto (9/11 and subsequent wars), when Pluto clearly took the upper hand for twenty years.

The conjunction of these two heavy going planets means that we will have to use a massive and extra dose of effort to get our house in order. It is a huge challenge yes, but short-lived. This is very rough going sea for another five years. But we are used to handling Capricorn Pluto by now, are we not?

It is a karmic test of global proportions, happening in January 2020, of short duration, and it could be a significant event or a multiple series of events that will later be seen as the decisive turning point after the 2014 Grand Cross. Everything comes under serious scrutiny in this alignment.

On the upside, Saturn Pluto conjunct in late evolved Capricorn is a point when corrupt structures come under pressure, in a stern check point relating to global government and cartel crimes, systemic deceit, central bank manipulations, etc., and it also can mean new laws aimed against the controllers. They too inhabit this realm.

gogo11 — This to say clearly that I do not see it as a global disaster or some catastrophe as such, albeit things like Fukushima, or extreme weather conditions and massive quakes are never impossible. On the whole, it will require us to have our ducks in a row by end of 2019. This to say we should use the few years ahead wisely.

In January 2021 Jupiter passes in line of both Pluto in Capricorn, and instantly thereafter Saturn in Aquarius, brightening things up considerably, and it is at that point we think that a new and better global economy comes into reality, followed by a new internet also, and later even by new and applied “free” energies.

Even time travel is possible. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius clearly indicate a completely new outreach in all community matters pertaining to mankind’s longer term future. The January 2021 alignment is engraved onto the photo of this web site home page.


21 January 2021, 1/21/21 alignment – above in chart top right, below in 3D imagery

Scope 1.21.21 3.33

Tesla science based new, decentralized, and free energy applications may still take much longer to become common place worldwide, so as to replace centralized energies based on nuclear and fossil fuels, oil and gas, etc. and, possibly into 2045 to manifest a new mankind. But they are in the works now, long before they become the predominant reality, and the new economy and a new internet are quite possible clearly already as of 2021 and into 2028.

Issues pertaining to how society will manage (govern) itself are in flux, and probably it may take into 2045 for a complete turn around. Labor movements will come into force and create grass root actions world wide. Some areas of the world will be way ahead long before the Western world will catch up. Some conditioning will take time to be replaced with new wisdom. The idea that local solutions are the way to go is setting in almost everywhere. Globalism as such and a one world order type future have been defeated.

In 2021 we have a stark phase of Saturn-Uranus challenges which point to a breakthrough of a more technological nature. Economics will undergo fundamental changes. Markets may go haywire. I would see these as friction points to bring about new technologies, or to show at least the ending of those technologies we know are nefarious for the ecological balance of this planet. Many things will break lose past that point.

As examples of how things can develop. Before 2021 is over, there is the smell of one or more coup d’Etats in the air, possibly silent and peaceful ones. Remember a tenet we mention often, the war is on the mind. Protect your mind!

In 1914, while the biggest world war was starting, Tesla had seriously made his new energy findings, and one wonders why it would take over 100 years for mankind to take this next level and apply what was taught and tried and tested.

The alignments beyond 2021 are not at all of darkly negative augur in their implications in the longer term, albeit there are still some tense phases, and tricky situations or other karmic tests yet ahead of the world. It is not Nirvana just yet. However, we can say: If we had a global crisis or catastrophe to expect, it had would have been during the time of Fukushima and 2014. The worst has been averted.

Examples of good energies:

We mentioned already that Uranus and Pluto create longer lasting harmonic energies essentially from 2023 – 2028, for sure as soon as Pluto moves into Aquarius, and Uranus is in Gemini. Even before then, Uranus in Taurus aligns favorably to Pluto at the end of Capricorn – which means that the memes and themes predominant from 2000-2020 should gradually be replaced by a totally different world view reality from 2020-2040.

A few years into the next decade, we have in 2025/26 the conjunction of Saturn and Neptune, in the Pisces / Aries cusp zone, which I read also as a potential time travel technology type signature, and for sure a new reality check point about obsolete belief systems and the need for a new global ecology, the health of our oceans, the food chain, and much more.

Sea level rises and oil / energy prices will be affected in this transit – as is anything to do with assessing reality and facts in an age and culture of disinformation and misdirection. Many scandals (some of them discovered during the 2020 phase) will be worked through then. Mind control is reaching scientific levels and aware observers see what it takes to counter this.

This is to give some proportion and relativity to the bigger picture ahead. Yes there is a hot and challenging phase looming when Saturn in Leo opposes Pluto in Aquarius, around 2034/35. Of the two, however, Pluto in Aquarius is stronger positioned. That alignment is clearly to be seen as a societal check point. Try recall 2001 to get an idea of what this can involve, even if by signs the transit is vastly different. Pluto in Aquarius transforms systems and how they are managed with Saturn across.

Controller Pluto comes into a much more favorable energy field in Aquarius, and in 2026, for a very long time, while also with Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune aligned all favorably to one another, and so, 2024-2028 are the strongest positive phases ahead, and then for almost two decades, although we know that around 2045-47 we will see Pluto take a more predominant function when in Pisces and opposed by Uranus in Virgo.

What can happen possibly in 2044-48 that we have not factored in? One thing I can imagine happening (not predicting this will occur) is a massive volcanic eruption or mega quake, most likely during the Uranus – Pluto opposition years. Think what it would mean if Yellowstone erupts or if the Ring of Fire places and San Andreas fault crack open. This is the wild card, the unknown.

The gold price question? Supposed to be nine thousand US dollars per ounce by 2030.
The real question is what are nine thousand US dollars worth then? A hand made suit?
Gold will measure reality. Everything else is measured by then in gold. Good enough?

We have looked now at the most critical markers in astrology in a short overview. To repeat; you have these few major key points, markers in a long life chronology, with early 2020 Saturn conjunct Pluto; then around 2025/26 Saturn conjunct Neptune, while from 2024 – 2028 Uranus in trine to Pluto makes it an extremely favorable phase.

2034-36 we see Saturn opposite Pluto, a clear and future hard challenge, and finally 2045-47 Uranus opposite Pluto — the most serious of all challenges, with dangers inherent, and possibly a complete game changer, the last one being seriously the big one, for a long time. It has also its upside; possibly the end of all religions, the start of a new society, new medicine, new technologies, even tentative cooperation with ET knowing.

This chart shows 1. 1. 2048


On the whole we can see that the world is growing up soon, leaving the conditioning of the Roman empire behind itself, but yes, certain longed for strategic, positive and inter-planetary developments for Earth humans may still take 100-200 years to manifest. We are not moving to a galactic society over night. It took over 100 years to apply Tesla, and so I don’t see us leaving this planet too soon for good. Bringing mankind into outer space is for later. We can however do it via time travel.

We have indeed some beneficial news already now at hand, in 2015, if we want to give it its true meaning and look for its true development. Green shoots into the future are visible in this otherwise barren landscape. The BRICS reality and future crypto currencies are a complete game changer in how the world and people will cooperate economically in the long run. A new decentralized internet means knowledge will circulate freely in Aquarian ways, as it was intended for. These trends are decades long vectors.

This is a good beginning for now, at least in the parts of the world which align favorably with all the non aligned nations. When a new internet is a new reality, we will not worry about the surveillance controllers either. By using crypto currency, we will not concern ourselves with what Western central banks are up to.

As astrologer Carl Boudreau stated:

“The message for the next decade seems to me to be that we can confidently attend to healing and rebuilding.”

Meanwhile, we must attend also to our being as self sufficient as we can be, independent of any system, and become our own healers and be our own bankers. The general irrationality is still in effect well into 2020 while some of us live ahead of our times. But after 2021, I would state that things will be looking better for a long while.

Onward and upwards

To sum up, and also keeping in mind what Jiddu Krishnamurti and Doris Lessing taught us, this 2,000 year old archaic parasite empire (evidently alien in nature) goes into the phase of self-destruction. This at least is the long shot. This can be painful for some parts of the world, and liberating for others. This is part also of an advanced Universal Law. Balance comes about slowly, and we learn that the Universe mysteriously designs its future on multidimensional levels.

elven on poleMost of us wish to know and to knot the future together, but when we observe our cats we see how they live in the now. Cat intelligence already knows that the future is now. Humans are still learning this. Compared to cats, humans seem not to fit in here too well, maybe they are after all aliens.

The technical side of the future two decades of this planet here, based on pure astrology, as seen via slower moving outer planets, is not actually as bad as the times we are leaving behind us were. 2020-2021 will mark the turning point. 2045-2047 will be a new turning point.

This shows to be a forecast well in the ball park also when we look at reality beyond astrology in the sectors of science, technology, energy, etc. We just have to train ourselves to look at what matters. We can clearly discern new trends which will free this planet. As long as we are moving with these trends, we will do well.

In matters of forecasting we know this saying: “The trend is your friend.” While we had good reason to be extra alert and aware of danger during the past many years, we now see reasons why we can become optimists for a time beyond 2020. Let’s pass that point in one piece first, in the now.

We started this essay with a deep consideration of chess, and so we end it with an applied situation. For some fun, see if you can solve this end game, while meditating about what you just learned here. White to play… and win? It is the famous problem with no solution by the master player who was also the friend of Salvador Dalì.


LessingShikastaMeanwhile, study some books by Jiddu Krishnamurti, (“Freedom From The Known“) and also you should be in the know of what Doris Lessing (Nobel Prize in Literature) discussed in her book series “Canopus in Argos” – most important are “Shikasta” and “Sirian Experiments” – works showing that perhaps mankind is not in control.


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Wishing us all good fortune & great success!

Michael St.Clair