Better Things Ahead into 2017

2015-2017 is a long stretch with Saturn in Sagittarius searching for the abstract truth.

It will highlight issues around higher education and law, constitutions, international laws, foreign relations, and Political Sciences – and we expect new treaties, new nations, which will be added to the new existing structure around what is now the “free world” – with China, Russia, India, Brazil and many others, Turkey, Iran, all lining up to create a networked and full-spectrum alliance world.

The Pied Piper / who is he?


Above is to be seen only as a Noetic study
— (The Economist ; 2015 Year front cover)

Saturn squares many celestial bodies situated in Pisces. First now Nessus, and Mars, extremely complex depth psychological and collective themes are being visited now. Experts say this alignment between Saturn and Nessus / Neptune / Chiron is a first in about two thousand years, hence we have no real data let alone idea about what it means. Then Neptune, with a new vision aligned to what can be done. Neptune Saturn is time travel and measuring the non measurable.

This is about perception ability enhancement. Being able to see disinformation for what it is. Then Chiron, with health related issues, very difficult to handle. These are very involved years, with life challenging issues and unknown matters to navigate.

Saturn also is said by some seers to rule gold. Price is not equal value, obviously, and so we know that we need to understand where the PsyOp leads in the perception of sound money. Gold beyond above 2,400 USD in two years? certainly. Gold is an agreed upon mechanism. The Petrodollar is now being replaced in 2015. No one can do this without 50% of the planet agreeing to the manipulation. Gold for oil?

In addition – when Jupiter spends a year in Virgo into the middle of 2016 – there is more stress to the Pisces package of Nessus Neptune and Chiron, at the same time squares Saturn in its own sign. This is now a mutable, flexible time ahead. Changes come about more fluidly, but still, we will spend years readjusting to the new landscapes.

Earth Changes in motion / new island South of Japan

The years ahead into 2020 show an amazing and dazzling array of planetary activity which is rather unique, and new. Jupiter in Libra in late 2017 is adding then an air of objectivity and fairness finally. It is also quite stunning to see the inner / outer countdown going down with Jupiter, and Saturn reaching Pluto.

This will not be an easy time ahead to be subjectively honest, although there will be significant progress made. The idea is that we will evolve in the next two to three years albeit we have to cast aside many old patterns, and the search for truth risks to become abstract and even absolute, if not dogmatic. Neptune Nessus in Pisces and Jupiter together seem to have sway over ENERGY issues as 2015 moves into 2020. Oil, gas, seas, heat, cold, space, vacuum . . .

Helio centric geo politics? South or North Stream?


We must be confident in the knowing that the worst of the worst astrology is long behind us by now – as Spring 2015 approaches and the last Uranus-Pluto after shocks ring out. Things could have turned very bad in 2014. But as we explained to our subscribers we were on the safe side.

The consequences will ring out until 2020 still. Example. The Atlanticists’ experiment in the Ukraine, very bad economy deal. Russia says: the natural gas no longer goes through Ukraine. It goes to / maybe through Turkey. If Europe wants it, Europe can build the pipeline from Turkey. Take that. This is a new kind of economic diplomacy. No tank moved, no shot fired. Think ahead before you make your next move!

Right now in early 2015, Saturn is in an uncomfortable aspect (45 degrees) to Pluto, and similarly badly aligned to Uranus, which is two times afflicted aligned configuration as we get into 2015… and in its last one eight 1/8th cycle, Saturn is now finalizing its approach towards Pluto. Like a “Balsamic Moon” except it is Saturn Pluto (instead of) moon/sun. So we are still dealing with the extremely life changing fall-out from all the things we experienced since 2001 in geopolitics and 2008 in macro economics. Those were clear 7 years quarter Saturn cycle turn markers, and so 2015 is the next. The game is far from over yet, many more shoes need to drop.

There are also very helpful alignments.

Many situations which on their own stand no chance are completely defused by OTHER and much better alignments even if some of them are short lived. Triangular alignment between Uranus / Jupiter now, and Uranus / Saturn later, all indicate a smooth transition despite insurmountable seeming obstacles we are working on. It is really not as bleak as it looks, but it has its pitfalls ahead. The best way to look at and understand 2015 is to see it as the first of five steps towards 2020.

To reiterate, 2020/21 is when Saturn Jupiter and Pluto meet at the end of Capricorn and when we know for sure the new logical cycles in everything can start. Not before. The years to this point will be spent preparing for this shift and leading up to the global reset which is long in the works since 2001 when Pluto opposed Saturn.

There are better things ahead in many fields of life and existence, from a new medicine, new science, free energy, independent networks, user friendly IT, new decentralized internet, new technologies, and many more breakthrough applications which are all in the works.

At a societal level things have moved upwards and onward – from grass roots (radiant zones) levels toward regional solutions, all around the themes of sovereignty and self-sustainability, and some world affairs small examples are Scotland, Catalonia yet to come, and NovoRussia, and many others. Power centers will be around successful economic regions. Independence alone is not enough.

At a political level we will soon see that “sanctions” of any kind, informational, diplomatic, economic, whichever, are not the ways the world can resolve its issues. Sanctions are going to be unpopular in the countries which instated them against others, while lifting sanctions will also not be as easy as thought, as France is finding out now, and it is as a famous politics thinker by name of Putin said:

“It will all back fire!”

By now we should know among “Kremlinologist / Putinologists” that when VV Putin utters his mysterious statements, we should carefully decipher them. (This blog has his best videos here.)

A whole new world is being created at both the macro level (BRICS / SCO / APEC) and in our societies at micro levels. This phase now takes still about five years until we have passed all the relevant check points to enter a new deal type world society. I don’t know where the former “Western world” will be situated in all this, but for now it looks like the West is missing the train of mankind departing to unknown zones.

We can make up for this by being in the loop of new solutions, self-sustained, and able to bridge all the cross cultural barriers. Saturn in Sagittarius has its upsides even if it will reign in all excesses.

There is still danger of isolated incidents, even if we know – and this is confirmed also by advanced Russian assessments – that escalation indeed ended in 2014 around the Grand Cross. By isolated incidents we mean also man made or natural disasters with quakes and weather calamities and melting down nuclear power plants. Fukushima is still melting, and in the Ukraine they found some issue also.

Isolated incidents are also man made counter revolts, and generally all the hidden hands activities in the realm of “psy ops” and hacking. The internet security world also will undergo now its changes after it has brought to light some of the DEEP game with Saturn in Scorpio, with the knowing that the internet as is actually is in the hands of NSA.

The total surveillance & police state in the Western world (US UK EU etc.) is a foregone conclusion and is as complete as it can get, plus minus a few more “laws” to come, and meanwhile you want to figure out how you and your friends, family, neighbors, and your children, will have a meaningful / let alone sane life?

What comes now is the clean up of world affairs, or “the grand sociological purge” globally, until in 2020 a new economic order / and a systemic currency reset takes place, which means we estimate also by early 2020 we see a one year phase of re-alignments starting all the new cycles until early in 2021.

2015/2016 are years in which we find a new balance /
…. in which we will sharpen our perceptive skills.


A very interesting news source / analysis resource site, daily The Saker
see also his blog more often at —

Paris, January 2015. As Saturn ingress Sagittarius hits the belief system push buttons with Nessus Neptune Mars in Pisces, we see many *psy ops* wield extreme power over a mass deluded population. Many intel analysts suggest the Paris events of January 2015 were engineered by the hidden hand. Observe what happens now… (no escalation expected!)