Andrei Fursov – Banderite Coup d’Etat in Ukraine

Detailed Fursov Q & A on Crimea China and Ukraine

Fursov Questions and Answers – Ukraine

Ukraine 2014 Fursov Lecture

Professor A. Fursov has helped some Europeans understand Hidden History. Grateful to him!

Oligarchical Topography of Ukraine

Fursov explains the current as well as the historical situation in Ukraine and Crimea: “Many domestic and foreign interests coincided to create the Banderite coup d’état in Ukraine. Andrey Fursov, historian and sociologist, explains who needed what out of Ukraine and how the events of 2014 had been in the making for years. Also how Russia has been the target of the Western elite for 200 years.”

It is helpful to study what master Fursov teaches, so as to comprehend world affairs.