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St.Clair’s: 2020 Far Sight Timing

In April 2014, Chris Flisher spoke with St.Clair about the new era to dawn after 2020, during a rare 55 minutes radio interview. This interview, posted in the new St.Clair Gold “Continuum Blog”, is an event not to be missed.

Moving towards 2020, during the great societal reset, we will enter into several years of uncertain times and we will most likely encounter difficult moments when we face the unknown. Here we make every effort to prepare ourselves for this activity. This continuum space by gold astrologer St.Clair is such a place for inquiring into what we will do with what is left of our shared future. It is not a question about what future we will have, but about how we will work with it.

Having spent the last decade personally coaching and advising friends, clients, neighbors and readers of “Light-Seeds” in how best to get ready for what is now unfolding, in how to purchase gold and by becoming self-sufficient and leaving the system, I feel we can now move towards the next goal, which is to educate ourselves about new untried activities. Things we have no clue about and have never done before.

Each one of us can feel free to engage into some new future, as long as we have understood the meaning of being independent of a system, and what this entails. We have learned that what worked before Spring 2014 will no longer work during the great leveling of 2015-2017, years of Sagittarius Saturn. We already know of the great reset by 2020. We have a few years to evolve to a new kind of existence now, as our seeing has always been about a decade ahead of the rest of the world.

As a visionary and seer I often have to use analogies to make a point. Teachers of time are up against a strange phenomenon called timelessness. In a sense we are time travel guides. Let’s say that in the mid 1970ies I was taught as a teenager about the work “The Glass Bead Game” by Hermann Hesse – which had only just been published in the 1940ies. Maybe some of you have read the book? That would be slightly similar to me teaching a teenager in 2015 about the work “Blade Runner” by Ridley Scott, released in 1982. Maybe you see where I am going with this?

Each century has one major author or teacher and perhaps one major astrologer. The 20th Century featured Hermann Hesse, Jiddu Krishnamurti, and astrologer Dane Rudhyar. Now as the 21st Century has dawned, and we are looking forward to seeing new authentic and far seeing minds come to the surface, not some second hand humans, but real future visionaries. The relevant question is if this current Internet is going to bring about a new mind? Meanwhile, we can actively engage into our own explorations and manifest our quest over the next century.

PROBLEM SOLViNG “Issues” Technique

There is no problem to be solved.
There are solutions with no problems.
The SOUL solution. Or the sole solution, no problem.

Most issues are conceptual and not real. Almost all of our world problems are mainly invented, self made. People love a problem – mainly mind made – any problem you wish to name. Name your own. Most folks love to wallow in problems and pretend for a life time to find ways to solve them – and all you can do as an aware observer is laugh about the circus.

Truth is simple and mathematical.
A chess game – end game – equation by Dali friend Marcel Duchamp shows
this in a beautiful and esoteric manner – no solution to the problem.

Because the problem is made up. Not real.
Almost all problems are conceptual. All solutions are real.

You may wish to help a person solve “a problem” of his or hers, but the person prefers to keep nurturing “the problem” – and so your sane and right action is to say “it is not my problem” and that is it. Walk away.

New Age and other religious spiritual and “philosophical” thought schools will want you to feel “guilty” about all of what I just said, and your calm inner Taoist stance has to be nevertheless, “it is not my problem” – and be done. This is Zen calm balance. You want to love your problem. Have at it!

It is like the story of the man teaching a boy how to fish instead of giving him a fish or two to eat. Don’t solve a problem for people, just teach them how to do it for themselves. Maybe they get it!

Eventually you will learn and find out (the hard way or the easy way) that people are in love with – and deeply attached to – their problems…. and should you dare to — and achieve to — solve their problems, you will be in trouble yourself. Therefore again we repeat the correct Zen stance is to say to yourself and to the others:

“It is not my problem. You want to make it yours, go right ahead!”

If every one on this planet would say this saying, “it is not my problem” well then I guess, we would be rid of all problems, and think about it!

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Michael St.Clair