Mars in Scorpio 2014

Gold 2014 and 2016 with Mars in Scorpio As the second half of 2014 gets underway, Mars is leaving Libra after an unusual 8 months long stay in its fall sign, and moving into a sign it feels more at home, Scorpio. This usually is also the time when the gold price starts a new […]

Focus on Russia

Mars in Libra applied to 2014 World Diplomacy It is clear now to everyone, (as I explained to Chris Flisher astrologer in our April 2014 Easter radio talk), that Russia and Libra zen master Putin come out of all this as the ones seeking to restore true balance – global social justice. As Summer, August […]

Film Documentaries – by St.Clair

Featured previews St.Clair in his decade of film documentary work (2006-2016) Excerpts of the most celebrated pronouncements by his guests. * St.Clair is at home behind & in front of his cameras… Renown gold expert economist Egon von Greyerz – at Michael St.Clair’s “ForeSight 2020 Conference” . Visionary futurist Michael St.Clair has been in the […]